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for The Orders Betrayal

7/27/2018 c20 2roon0
Awesome chapter.
7/27/2018 c21 kpop1392as
Ooo very interesting with the wands. If they are the same or similar, would Hermione and Narcissa be able to use the other's wand and would they be able to hurt each other with their wands?
7/25/2018 c20 kpop1392as
Hmm, since Dumbledore didn't really intervene, will the four House ghosts punish him? I look forward to reading more. I was wondering if Hermione would burn and be a bit reborn sort of like a dark pheonix. I like that she is a fighter.
7/25/2018 c19 kpop1392as
lol! If it was a test, I'd probably fail and stare too XD
I enjoyed reading this chapter lol
7/25/2018 c4 kpop1392as
Well, I don't exactly know how to react to what's going on in this chapter (4) XD feel a bit like Draco atm. It was an interesting chapter to read, hot weather.
7/25/2018 c1 kpop1392as
Oh snap! I hope all those students who bullied and harmed Hermione get punished eventually. I like that McGonagall didn't give up on Hermione in the beginning.
7/21/2018 c19 roon0
Love the chapter. I am looking forward to her regaining her health and getting her revenge.
7/18/2018 c18 roon0
Love it. I so look forward to more.
7/18/2018 c18 BratGirl1983
Please update :)
7/18/2018 c18 4Ilena Petrova
I live th estory but you do know that wizards and witches can just regrow an arm, they just have to regrow the tissure, or a Prothese. There are more than one option
7/17/2018 c17 2roon0
I cannot wait to see Hermione achieve all these things but wonder how she will do without her wand arm? Looking forward to more.
7/17/2018 c15 roon0
That last sentence did you mean "son of a bitch". They are all a bunch of hypocrites and Harry certainly should have know better.
7/16/2018 c9 2skydancer2ooo
This is very confusing. I thought Narrcissa was happy with Lucius considering all that has been going on in previous chapters. They are exhibitionist and a bit incestrous. Now she doesn't love Lucius and never had. This is getting diffifult to read.
7/16/2018 c16 gginsc
I'm deeply ashamed of Harry! Spineless twit!
7/16/2018 c16 RikaAzumi
I love this story, but you scared me there for a second, thought you were gonna stop writing.
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