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for Narcissus and the Ladybug

6/15/2021 c2 LoneWolfQueen
Actually its Felix mom Amily that is sister to Emily Agreste.
1/14/2021 c1 Sam sally
Your fanfic is good well i am still reading chapter 1 well anyways i hope it's good
6/26/2020 c1 Common Sense
Why does he like his meal in silence I can still eat all my food while having a conversation with people.
10/20/2019 c9 DancingStars45
Honestly this fic has been a lil weird for me because I actually have a french cousin named felix. I hope he’s not cursed too. Your writing is so good! And I hope marinette and adrien are okay!
10/17/2019 c9 16OnlyHere4Puckabrina
Wait, what? Does that mean Bridgette is cursed to be a ladybug by day? What a pair. Possibly even more hopeless than the other two. Bridgette/Felix dynamic is utterly adorable. My favourite part of this whole story is when surly Felix describes Bridgette as basically Marinette but so. much. cuter. I think my heart melted.
10/17/2019 c8 OnlyHere4Puckabrina
Yes, the bad luck curse. Dun dun dunnn! Does he need Bridgette to break the spell? That'd be a cool detail to put in.
10/17/2019 c7 OnlyHere4Puckabrina
Spending time with Adrien is definitely good for Felix. On a side note, I love how Adrien can manifest pink sparkles! XD XD XD
10/17/2019 c6 OnlyHere4Puckabrina
Felix...welcome to the delightful torture of the Love Square. YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE AGAIN.
10/17/2019 c5 OnlyHere4Puckabrina
Hehe...frustrated Felix. He's quick. Or everyone else is oblivious, one of the two.
10/17/2019 c4 OnlyHere4Puckabrina
Probably an over-the-top reaction from Mari...
10/17/2019 c3 OnlyHere4Puckabrina
Okay, Felix is already starting to annoy me. First he's like "Ugh, I hate when everyone fawns over me, it's so annoying" but as soon as ONE girl shows no interest, he's all "No, they must ALL love me." And even though he realises Marinette is in love with Adrien (and he with her), he doesn't care! Yes, definitely underestimating Marinette's devotion to Adrien.
10/17/2019 c2 OnlyHere4Puckabrina
Yeah, Adrien is like the least jealous person ever. It'll only be Marinette/Ladybug he gets bent out of shape about. I'm glad they were close when they were younger, but still wishing they remained besties.
10/17/2019 c1 OnlyHere4Puckabrina
Really looking forward to reading this story...Felix is great so far. My only wish is that he secretly is amused/fond of Adrien, just chooses not to show it. :)
10/16/2019 c9 21mayuralover
Omg I can't believe I guessed it! Heya, it's nice to see you again! Thanks for the chapter! I suppose if e feels the connection to Bridgette... Then that ladybug must be her! Can't wait for more!
4/5/2019 c5 lola
it was great
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