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for The Pantheon of Nine

6/10 c2 Vonta01
It’s not real whiskers is birthmarks
6/9 c5 dreadix
yea im done i like the concept when i read the synopse of the story but making sakura this dam retarded is killing my brain cells so im going to bounce
6/9 c4 dreadix
you do know the rinnegan has multiple ringed eyes right? theres no whites its just one huge iris of purple with a patterned ringed outlines
6/9 c3 dreadix
this is some extreme sakura bashing. making sakura act like a idiot taking naruto's roll and making her seem to be trash im kinda speechless.
5/30 c22 1Dante Simmons
I love Hinata. She isn’t my favorite ship but she’s still one of the best.
5/8 c6 zx20000006
why is naruto acting like nagato before he went crazy and why is sakura acting like canon naruto. and sasuke for some reason is a more docile and a less obssesed with revenge verion of conon him?
4/21 c74 twisting tempest
bro come on another airbender knock off
4/20 c65 twisting tempest
we gonna talk about how u just recreated the ark from avatar like come on homie
4/14 c89 colorxp
The cabbages thing really brings me back to avatar the last air bender I loved it
4/13 c141 biginferno
great chapter I look forward to reading more and seeing what happens to Naruto and Tayuya in the future hopefully they have a better one than their pasts
4/12 c1 darkphantomvids
Going to comment so this one reddithivemind doesnt show up and will try to enjoy the read
4/9 c1 HighPaladinRath
gonna reread and review so that RedditHivemind guys reviews wont show up no more
3/28 c67 FledditFliveflind
This is truly going no where fast. Also, how are you this many words in, and still failing to spell words that are taught to five year olds? What the fuck is wrong with you?
3/28 c46 FledditFliveflind
Hmphmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmph... you're a fucking idiot.

hmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmph... idiot, idiot, idiot... hmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmphhmph
3/28 c41 FledditFliveflind
Hey, dumbass, I'll teach you real fast.

They're spelled "First", "Second". "Third", "Fourth". See? Look how easy spelling is. I'm sure you have it in you. Spell them correctly, and I'll even give you a gold star! Baby's first correct spelling! Come on! You can do it!
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