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for Kumos Black Flash

1/20 c1 Guest
For fucks sake. You know that letter at the front of a name? It should be "large" as in a capital letter. If you're such a dumb fucktard that you can't figure that out, quit writing.
12/19/2023 c20 Nitroox
It was interesting, it’s a pity that it ended (that is, abandoned). Good story)
8/23/2023 c1 unknown
i like how sarutobi roasts all three of his tsudents with 1 sentence.
8/17/2023 c1 17Child of Dreams
This is like a Naruto twist on the typical Wrong BWL/GWL fics from the Harry Potter fandom...
Similar OOC personalities of canon characters as well...
7/28/2023 c1 Guest
2 minutes in and I give up. You must be retarded if you think this kind of writing is what anybody needed to see. Glad you stopped while you were behind but disappointed that it went further than the first chapter as you thought this shit was somehow ok to produce.
6/30/2023 c10 Guest
Previous chapter :
He's never going to forgive them

This chapter : ok I forgive . Another waste of fic
4/29/2023 c20 praisethesun119955
sad face I wanted more lol
4/24/2023 c7 Chue19
Bro wtf why does suigetsu get to marry samui she is literally my favorite kumo nin I was hoping Naruto got her too. I would have preferred her over haku.
4/21/2023 c20 Thomas Delikat
I wish that this fanfic could be continued. It’s a great story and I am loving how it is playing out
1/15/2023 c7 Caitlin
WTF happened to the tailed beast inside yugura then?
10/19/2022 c5 A fan of dbs
Isn’t naruto 12 then why the hell does he a kid
9/24/2022 c7 Guest
You are a pedo
9/16/2022 c4 amavgupta0
how does yumi doesn't know tree walking it is a genin lvl exercise and you said she was high chunin and being trained by her parents, I think they atleast would have reached her that
6/11/2022 c20 SuperSaiyanFluttershy
I normally don't post a review but this story is awesome
3/4/2022 c20 Malmanjaco
I quite enjoyed the story and I hope that you start with the rewrite soon.
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