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for Kumos Black Flash

6/25/2018 c3 KamiKageRyuuketsu
Really dumb ass are you really that fucking retarded. Ninjas are shining or better yet assassins they are cold blooded fucking killers they kill without remorse. Hell they kill steal and pillage whatever they want shinbi are trained from a very young age to kill that what being an assassins means I grow tire of all of you dumb ass authors make such a big fucking deal over oh look the main character killed at a young age let's try to make an assassin be like a Santeria who has honor assassins or shinbi do not have honor the slit people's throats from the shadows they have no honor grow the fuck up and realize this
6/25/2018 c2 KamiKageRyuuketsu
A large amount of stupid ass cliche that almost all the fucking authors on this website have used. All of it is over used all you dumb asses need to get real and do something new I get tired of reading the same boring shit over and over.
6/25/2018 c1 KamiKageRyuuketsu
Really a fucking harem your pathetic be realistic you dumb ass child. One woman is far more then enough. Well for me that is my wife is amazing I get all the sex any and all men could ever hope to have. My wife is my property just like I'm hers and the point behind this is we have agreed to never deny one another sex unlike a lot of other coples
6/23/2018 c3 UnsanMusho
I curse for person who invented cliffhangers LOL!
6/23/2018 c3 5plums
Was a wave mission really necessary?
6/23/2018 c3 lara5170
This is interesting and I'm looking forward to reading more.
6/23/2018 c3 darth56
what a cliffhanger that was a very good read you have me on the edge of my seat keep it up i do love this story and it just got better thanks will be waiting for more chapters to come great story
6/23/2018 c3 5Ryujomaru15
Good chapter can’t wait for the next one.
6/23/2018 c3 LordofTerror
No more cliffhangers man it's overused on the past two chapters
6/23/2018 c3 anarion87
nice chapter
6/23/2018 c3 Everstar17
Surprisingly there aren’t many other village neglect fics out there so this is really interesting and a good story as well. Keep it up your doing great!
6/23/2018 c3 jablanco
That was cool
6/23/2018 c3 StrikerTheFallen
Dammmmm awesome yet expected cliffhanger! Shits about to get real next chapter
6/23/2018 c3 OMEGASUPER0w0
oof why didnt he transform? to hide from kushina? what will happen next
6/21/2018 c2 Ryujomaru15
Cool chapter can’t wait for the next one.
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