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for Kumos Black Flash

6/23/2019 c15 david.teague.3950
It looks to me like you've killed off Karin harsh man, harsh.
6/23/2019 c12 david.teague.3950
I feel the need to ask, before this chapter you'd been calling Sasuke's older Twin "Sayuri" and in this chapter you called her "Satsuki", what's the deal? Also don't you think we have enough Neglect fics on this site? Why not create a story that has Kushina actually being a mother and teaching Naruto?
6/8/2019 c20 PhoenixAnon1
if i didnt like it the first time i wouldnt have bothered to follow it to begin with. why do authors always fucking do this dammit
6/7/2019 c6 aratakasugatrinity7
Instead of getting lost in the most, why didn't Naruto just bow it away like he did in the wave..?
6/7/2019 c5 aratakasugatrinity7
Two things: one, Natuto went out for revenge after stating that seeking revenge us unwise and only continues the cycle.. is he a hypocrite? Second, he really shouldn't be treating Yui so poorly...he is being just like his bio parents by doing so, especially since she was what, 6 when that all happened? She wouldn't hav4 know better, especially since she was only emulating her parents, which is what kids do, and would not have been able to reason out the situation, the causes, or the solutions... Soo, he is pretty much neglecting her and treating her like she is nothing, which is the very behavior he is so against...
6/4/2019 c19 Guest
I thought this was a fan fiction not a retelling of Naruto in your own words
6/5/2019 c20 Primarx
I see. write an announcement here pls when the rewrite is published
6/5/2019 c20 1Nssheepster
You did indeed. Naruto in Kumo, with living parents anda sibling, is already a massive departure. Adding Crystal Release AND Black Lightning AND an apprenticeship with the far-too-busy-for-such-a-thing Raikage, AND Bijuu training from the only source for such a thing...

You went so far past OP that it's hard to come up with an excuse for Naruto to even be slowed down, much less stopped.

It's the struggles that define a story, and there's no reason for Naruto to struggle physically when he's this strong. All you'd have left is mental struggles which are difficult to write, and difficult to make interesting in the long term, especially given the demographic.
6/4/2019 c20 Tbaals
I'm just happy you caught it early enough as I you don't have a completely massive amount of work.
6/4/2019 c20 7jh831
thank you having the common curtousy to tell us. not many authors give us that.
6/4/2019 c20 Exodus12345
Put a post here when you have the first chapter up, I loved this story so I will read the rewrite, but I hope Naruto will still be OP.
6/4/2019 c20 MrSunshine744
You had me panicking there glad it's a rewrite and not q complete drop!
5/17/2019 c19 mikekoetting5673
More love this please more
5/13/2019 c19 1Zak saturday 1
Please update soon
5/12/2019 c1 TechnoGalen
Pedophile piece of garbage.
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