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5/3/2019 c16 Speaker of Heresies
Do so all, possibly with harry/Susan or harry/this or harry/Daphne or some other less used pairing
5/2/2019 c15 1monsterkillers124
I like the Courage The Cowardly Dog reference
5/2/2019 c18 Dr1zzy
Update plz
5/2/2019 c19 Dr1zzy
Thx for the update great one
5/2/2019 c3 monsterkillers124
you have punctuation and spelling errors in a lot of chapters but the story is good but work on re editing the previous chapters also i'm not trying to be mean it is just hard to read sometimes
5/2/2019 c1 monsterkillers124
mobilize you put an s instead mobilize with a z
4/29/2019 c19 16Luciendar
The story itself is decent but the grammar and punctuation errors make it nearly unreadable. Also, your writing seems to be getting lazier in these late chapters. I mean, why write the story if you don't care?
4/25/2019 c19 Seros109
Deine Story hat definitiv, dass gewisse etwas. Auch wenn ich Naruto ziemlich über powerd finde!

Die Idee mit Yui und Sayuri gefällt mir! Fehlt nur noch das Sasuke in Yui verknallt ist! Dann würde er Naruto sicher sofort töten. LOL Oder noch besser, Sasuke verliebt in Yui und merkt dann das neben Yui, auch seine kleine Schwester(Sie ist doch die Kleine, oder?) in Naruto verliebt ist! Oh das würde gut werden! Wütender großer Bruder! LOL

Warum wechselst du oft zwischen Sayuri und Satsuki? Kannst du dich nicht entscheiden wie Sie heißen soll? ;-)

Jetzt fehlt nur noch eine Szene wo Naruto mit nacktem Oberkörper, Yui und Sayuri umarmt! Und beide dann mit feuerroten Köpfen und übelstem Nasenbluten zu Boden gehen!(Ohnmächtig) Oh, das wäre göttliche!

Mach weiter so und schöne Grüße aus Deutschland

Google translation

Your story definitely has that certain something. Even though I find Naruto pretty overpowerd!

I like the idea with Yui and Sayuri! Missing only the Sasuke in Yui has a crush! Then he would surely kill Naruto immediately. LOL Or even better, Sasuke falls in love with Yui and then notices that next to Yui, even his little sister (she is the little one, is not she?) In love with Naruto! Oh, that would be good! Mad big brother! LOL

Why do you often switch between Sayuri and Satsuki? Can not you decide what your name is? ;-)

Now only one scene is missing where Naruto hugs her bare-chested, Yui and Sayuri! And then both go down with fiery red heads and nausea (fainting) Oh, that would be divine!

Keep up the good work and best regards from Germany
4/22/2019 c19 Durk Yagami
The story is fantastic and I can wait for the next chapter also can u please make a Naruto love story about him going out with kurenai and anko.
4/22/2019 c19 biginferno
fantastic chapter I really enjoyed it
4/22/2019 c19 anarion87
nice chapter
4/22/2019 c19 UnsanMusho
I'm surprised that neither Jirayia nor Tsunade made any attempt in talking to Naruto, not to mention Hiruzen reporting the NE Anbu to Minato.
4/17/2019 c5 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Sorry man, but this is garbage. The writing is horrid, dialogue is childish and simplistic, no real character development.

Well, i gave it a try but yeah, it not for me. I will commend you though for at least trying to write a story, even if it isn't that good.
4/17/2019 c3 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Well, so far it isn't very well written. Hopefully it improves in later chapters.
4/9/2019 c14 14thunderofdeath97
orochimaru was the sensei of anko not kushina
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