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for Kumos Black Flash

1/13/2019 c16 Anonymous
2 or 3 are good choices however you should combine the ideas have hairy learn from the three and also find the trunk during Azkaban in the womping willow tree. So he can be a truly powerful wizard because after all it was really Hermione that did everything. For romance is suggest either harryxhermione harryxginny or harryxluna or maybe harem if your up for it.
1/13/2019 c16 Guest
I like the sound of number 1
1/13/2019 c15 Guest
Why did he save the girl after all they are not friends or anything, they just both have the misfortune of coming out of the same maggot infested womb.
And why did Naruto not correct Minato when he addressed him by his first name.
That is a clear breach of decorum, but consider Minato is a orphan boy from the gutter of konoha i take its O.K.
1/14/2019 c16 7jh831
I personally would have liked an actual chapter than a notice for you writing another story. or at least have a chapter and have your notice at the bottom of the chapter instead of hoping for an actual chapter. and since this isn't a chapter, it just gives you time to write an even longer chapter for us. (don't mean to sound mean but you have to admit, i have a point)
for your hp story, will this be one story you are working on with your ideas. or is each number a story idea for a story? I do have comments for both of my questions, i just want to make sure i understand what you are inquiring about for your story
1/13/2019 c16 brodylopa
I like the first idea also if you make it fleurXharry even better
1/13/2019 c16 DxGRAYxMAN
Do number 3 that sounds good
1/4/2019 c3 9thunderofdeath97
Mangetsu wouldnt be the leader if hes a missing nin, plus wasnt kisame stronger?
12/16/2018 c16 ArashiSenju
The Incest just ruined the story and leaves a bad taste in your mouth reading that part of her thinking about her own brother like that. Too many wives leaves less character interactions with the rest. Would be cool just to have yuguto/sayuri. it was really funny reading narutos conversation with sayuri. Maybe add temari as well, Haku and mai are kinda weird and boring characters.
12/10/2018 c15 Guest

Is a neglect fic and has all the drama filled greatness of those types of stories.


The dialogue is childish, corny/cheesy, and unrealistic.

Character actions and reactions to events lack realism and believability.

Naruto is all powerful and all knowing and really doesn’t struggle to attain anything.

There isn’t much realistic character development.

Characters don’t act appropriate for their age. This criticism is directed at the younger characters.

All characters lack common sense to some degree.


If you like neglect fics and all that drama and don’t care about anything else then read the story you’ll enjoy it immensely.

If you like neglect fics but also care about realism, common sense reactions, in depth character development and good dialogue then this story might not be what you are looking for.

But of course my opinion means jacksh!t and this story might be exactly what you are looking for.
12/9/2018 c2 Guest
Harem, why change to that? First, no strong woman such as female ninja would ever agree to be in one.
Second, no man who loves a woman would ever have more than one lover or future wife. Basically, by putting Naruto in a harem you are saying he is a selfish self centered jerk who cares for no one but himself and any woman in the harem as weak pathetic excuse fan girl. Harem stories have absolutely no credibility and realism.

It’s your story so write what you want but at least don’t give him 100 wives. It just makes your whole story a joke.
12/10/2018 c15 MrSunshine744
great chapter, glad that it was a bit longer this time. looking forward to more
12/9/2018 c15 Yami-daseith
Please update more often idc what’s on your plate or how busy you may be this story so good, love the way naruto bundles Kisame and Itachi and I like how he handled 5 angry girls at him it was funny so yeah you have to update more like everyday or better yet every 12 hours
12/9/2018 c15 1Dragonfire987
Cant wait for the chapter i really hope naruto doesn't go to the akatsuki.
12/9/2018 c15 Rebmul
cant wait to see what happens with neji later he got beat like a fucking drum on conga night
12/9/2018 c15 Dr1zzy
Finally an update ! Great ch thx for the update
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