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for Kumos Black Flash

10/22/2018 c14 2Woolleymammoth
This is a great story, however I recommend reading the story outloud to yourself or getting a beta. There are a lot of spelling issues and double words.
10/21/2018 c14 16FenreldStormblade
hehe will Anko be joining? seems interesting keep it up
10/18/2018 c14 Bob2121998
AMAZING chapter as always bro i'm REALLY looking forward to the next chapter i hope its published soon and is longer. :)
10/17/2018 c14 29AmbertheCat
hmm the link yesterday wasn't working so I had to go straight to the beginning to start reading. Strange but at least I was able to read it now. I loved the chapter and I look forward to the long chapter!
10/16/2018 c14 MrSunshine744
honestly the length of the chapters is slightly annoying, especially when we know you are capable of writing longer ones. personally I'd rather you take more time so that you can put out longer chapters. other than that it's looking good
10/16/2018 c14 Yami-daseith
Well you should be sorry this story is to good not be longer but it’s understandable life happens can’t wait for the next chapter.
9/28/2018 c7 Tsukoblue
Naruto being a Kumo resident, other villages have no power in forcing CRA on Naruto

Why did you have Naruto allow himself to be pushed around like that...?

So much for a single pairing of Naruto and Yugito...
9/26/2018 c12 Guest
Looking forward to the next update
9/27/2018 c13 Yami-daseith
Seriously like you know I love this story and it’s been forever and that’s all I get I don’t mean to sound like a jerk/baby but I want more
9/27/2018 c13 16FenreldStormblade
Awesome Chapter. loved how Naruto just groaned at the 20 questions lol
9/26/2018 c13 5plums
Now, please give a genuine reason why this wasn't part of the previous chapter. There's no reason at all to have a chapter break here, especially as you're still following canon in some places with copy/pasted dialogue, so it couldn't have been that hard to type 500 extra words.

was expecting a heck of a lot more than this from this particular update.
9/26/2018 c13 Satoru Ryoma
This is awesome! I am happy that yui was forgiven. Minato and kushina doesn't deserve it but yui was just a kid, a naive one at that. So Yui and Sayuri will be his wives, only the last spot remains. I thought you would go hinata since she is hiashi's daughter and naruto could still save her at the age of five or six and thus her crush. I would be happy with her, but if you don't want her and you're taking suggestions kurotsuchi would be awesome. They can bond over their hate over the yellow flash lol. I can't wait to see naruto crush this test. Since orochimaru is loyal is kabuto just an ordinary spy? I really hope there won't be an invasion because I wanna see a lot of ass kicking from naruto at the third stage.
9/26/2018 c13 Bob2121998
Well AMAZING chapter as always bro i'm REALLY looking forward to the next chapter i hope its published soon and is a bit more longer. :)
9/26/2018 c13 The reaper of death445
Keep up the good work.
9/5/2018 c6 elemental wolf sage
I loved this story until this chapter were had to make it a harem and say some bullshit excuse about how it's a cra
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