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for Wildfire Roses

9/24/2020 c3 4GypsyWitchBaby
9/11/2020 c3 Pygmy Hippo
This was amazing and hilarious! Thanks for sharing!
9/8/2020 c3 Tsk123
I'm so happy I found you! Do you post on ao3 as well? They'll love you there!
9/5/2020 c3 LittleCrybaby13
I love this so much. I really hope that you will finish this. Im quite afraid you wont seeing as your other works are mostly left unfinished. And I love many of them too! If I have even just a little bit of your talent, I would've volunteered to finish them myself. Sadly, I don't and I'll just forever wonder how the story's supposed to end.
9/4/2020 c3 1Shadow Wolf 15846
Awww! Cute!
9/3/2020 c3 3bxrdybxrd
My cheeks are hurting too much from grinning. I live for well written characters and you made it so convincing that they’re made for each other. I look forward to more of your stories!
9/1/2020 c3 7Isabelnecessaryonabicycle
Ah! I'm so happy you're making a story out of this, it's brilliant. I love what you've done with the characters and I can't wait to read what you've got planned for their futures! :D
8/31/2020 c3 2Almecestris
So glad the misunderstanding got resolved in one chapter! Cliffhangers leave me empty. Thanks for sharing this story. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
8/31/2020 c2 Almecestris
Super enjoying this!
8/31/2020 c1 Almecestris
There were some spelling errors but your writing is so compelling that I couldn’t stop reading
8/30/2020 c3 ThatMysteriousSlime
so beautiful
8/30/2020 c3 Twister60
I absolutely love this chapter!
8/30/2020 c3 xXMoonlitSorrowsXx
Oh my gosh this was so freak'n cute!
8/29/2020 c3 FaeGhostReader
This is so amazing!
8/29/2020 c3 2akire26
I may even like this one more than the original! Willa is such a good character to write and it’s just the sweetest story and I love that it’s full of humor as well.
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