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7/18/2023 c5 X
Seriously though these types of fics a lot of authors generally write it the same path.
7/18/2023 c4 X
Yup! Anyone who even DARES have a different view must be a troll! Quick call 1-800 D-E-L-E-T-E P-O-L-I-C-E to be on our priority list for deleting your enemies trying to troll your story! How do we know that? Give us a call and find out with our free 30 day trial! No Credit Card Needed!

By the way if you have used our service before you know our reputation and your list needs updating!
7/18/2023 c2 X
Of COURSE it's that ONE game.
7/18/2023 c2 X
Imagine if a self insert did the bomb jump glitch.
7/18/2023 c1 X
If your OC watched TRON the way out of the game is to get to the 'Old Guy' that is known as IO. In and Out which is where all external devices are connected and go thru him to the game. He needs to find him and perhaps do some glitches to get out of bounds.
2/10/2023 c5 10Dim95
I'm looking forward to what Ravio's presence will be like in the BOTW line and his impact on the story. I am looking forward to the next chapter.
5/21/2022 c5 4SoralTheSol
Well, it is interesting so far. I personally would like to see you continue this. So far it is coherent and well put together, that is more than I can say for 60% of the fics on this site. We are not far enough in for me to have a firm grasp of either Link or Ravio yet. I do wonder how you plan to get off the Plateau though. The Tornado Rod might work... I am not sure.

I know some of the reviews are by the usual fanfiction trolls, best to ignore those.
3/16/2021 c5 MelFromHell
Jesus, some people in these reviews are so toxic and trying to make you write the story a certain way. I'm here to give you a positive review cookie! Tip: Write your story the way YOU want to. Be open to suggestions of course, but some reviewers try to force their rules and beliefs on fiction writers when its your story. I enjoyed this, and it's going in a great direction!

Reviews are great for constructive criticism, and to let authors know how they're doing, but once in awhile you'll get people who are trolls. Lots of people seem to be enjoying this story so keep it up!
1/9/2021 c1 part time hater
anonymous inc. and part time hater inturupt you life with an inportant annoincement to make they say drumroll please...hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm meh
7/28/2020 c5 Coooldude
Great story but are we op
7/24/2020 c5 Kyle
This section sure is deader then a stalchild's playground!
7/5/2020 c3 MasterKogha
In fact I think anything is easier then the elephant dungeon. Even the camel one. I am not sure if this is how your suppose to do it but if you use Revali's Gale correctly you can get to the tall room where you go to the elevator shafts and use the electric balls to power the elevator which powers the entire camel!

Is that the intended way of doing it? You can almost do the entire camel without the beast map except one upside down terminal requiring one rotation.
7/5/2020 c5 MasterKogha
Please don't make this too linear as the point of the game is to use your wits around you as a lot of solutions have alt paths using physics. If possible could you have Link do the bird dungeon first as it will make the fanfic funner as Link can 'cheese' his way thru a lot later having Ravali's Gale early. (Though there really isn't an early)

Everyone writes Link going to the Elephant one first and that's okay for first time players but I find it actually harder then the bird dungeon.
7/3/2020 c4 MasterKogha
How about him and Link do tha one glitch using a metal door and stasis near that lake to get off the Platyeau with OUT the glider! Check out that Gamer Ausin's channel of doing it if you haven't. It's worth it! He actually snagged a horse at one point and got almost to a stable to register it!
7/3/2020 c2 MasterKogha
What's wrong with leaving him with a hunting rifle? I'd love to see how guns would work in BOTW and how people would react to earthly weapons?
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