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for I Hate You

5/24 c27 Guest
Wow excited for the next chapter! Fingers crossed it’s soon ahaha always get so excited when you update
5/22 c27 Guest
Ooh yay, an update! Loved it *.* Thanks so much for not giving up on the story despite your busy schedule and all! Can't wait for Bhloe to have their happy ending :) good luck for everything!
5/17 c27 BloeFan
Yayyyyy I’m soo juiced you’ve added another one! I’ve literally been rereading this story waiting on it! Continue the awesome work! Thanksss
5/17 c27 pitchplease
Love that you’re back! Have been following you on yt /insta but did miss your content here.
The suspense is killing me… want to know how Beca is going to make it up to Chloe!
5/16 c27 Jonathan Gedeon
Oh my god I couldn’t stop reading this, this was so freaking good and what an amazing storytelling
5/16 c27 malexfaith
Glad for an update, and things moving along with many couples. Thanks heaps for sharing
5/16 c27 TTshorty33
I assume a song... and the truth about her feelings... but maybe instead should be a scavenger hunt or sta in takes Chloe to get her palm read and the psychic is all your broken heart will be mended today, the veil has lifted and your otp is on the way... idk but come quick eh lll
5/16 c27 31AnnaKendrick47
Whoa I was so excited to see an update! And I’m even more excited and anxious to see what Beca’s plan will be.

So glad to hear from you again, good luck with YouTube, I’ll make sure to check out your channel! Hope to see you soon!
3/23 c26 Parli23
I love and miss this story! And updates!?
2/13 c26 TTshorty33
more please!
1/25 c26 gizlby
Any idea on an update? Dying to find out what beca comes up with
1/15 c26 Guest
Love this story, can't wait for an update!
12/30/2021 c26 Reader
Yayyyy an update! && of course Amy had it all figured out lollll. Hopefully Beca figures it out herself and gets her woman! Can’t wait for the next chapter !
11/25/2021 c26 2ManhattanSky
i’ve missed this story so much. thank you for coming back, we missed you
11/2/2021 c26 Guest
Please continue. I love it
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