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8/24 c28 8multyfangirl21
He either left or died, and him being dead seems kinder to me.
So after after nearly 25 years Ash finally has a dad with Kukui
8/23 c12 multyfangirl21
Well the committee got their first view of papa Kukui
8/23 c11 multyfangirl21
So Kukui prefeeds Ash so he doesn't imitate a blackhole during dinner?
8/23 c10 multyfangirl21
Goodness, he's going to have so much fun doing stuff with first 1 and then his younger son.
8/21 c1 multyfangirl21
Welcome to a practice corse of having a child. You get one that can somewhat reliably take care of himself and pokemon.
4/16 c39 Urutiyori
Thank you for this amazing story...I loved it

Ash and Kukui best relationship
1/29 c33 2Hoppy854
If Ash ever figures out Samuel is actually Professor Oak, he’snin for a big surprise.
1/29 c15 Hoppy854
That movie may have been the least dangerous in some cases, but you forget, Charizard wasn’t meant to have been there. Ash absolutely would have died if Charizard hadn’t chosen to randomly show up the way he did. That’s what makes that movie so scary.
11/3/2020 c38 SpaceAutumn
Fuck I'm crying again.
Bad idea to read this while also watching the "Pokemon Sun and Moon - [Final Tribute] - This is Not Goodbye" video at the same time. Tears will be shed.
11/3/2020 c12 SpaceAutumn
I think you write this very well. It's a good reason to be angry and he was written well with how he dealt with the anger(as in not snapping at people other than the ones which are pretty much responsible for his kid not being given at least some medical attention.) Sure he sounded angry when he spoke to kiawe but it was the type of anger which wasn't directed at said person so it's ok, as Kiawe knew why he was angry and that he wasn't angry at him, you know what I mean?

This is exactly what I wanted from this episode. Ash gets injured enough, please give this child some medical attention when he's hurt. He doesn't have Brock to help anymore
9/9/2020 c39 11Codename-SN
All the hearts for this fic

But I do want to address the "we're pregnant" statement cause 1)it's factually incorrect and I have so much second-hand embarrassment. 2)I know the phrase "we're expecting" is used to convey that they're expecting a baby but since they've already said they're expecting a new addition to the family well it would just flow better if burnet says "I'm pregnant" in reply to ash's question
9/9/2020 c33 Codename-SN
/loud gasp you included the title in the fic! No really I actually gasped while reading that line

But anyway, don't mind me, just crying over how beautiful this chapter is here. I mean the whole fic is but this one's my fav yet
7/3/2020 c39 Guest
Please, one more chapter with an Alolan family reunion. I wanna see Ash return to see the new baby
6/7/2020 c33 pokefan366
I love this story. When I saw the story this one's based on, I wondered what would happen if AshKukui found out they were also Move KahunaRoarie. This story sets that up wonderfully.
6/7/2020 c18 pokefan366
Where you have, "We're careful," don't you mean Kiawe said because you have it written as Kukui said it?
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