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1/11/2019 c18 92KaliAnn
I like the dreams from the other students and I have enjoyed the way you write Kukui. All of Ash's travel companions had realistic dreams and Tracey is even doing his by being Professor Oak's research assistant. Misty is a gym leader and water type expert, Brock's studying to be a Pokemon doctor.

May wants to be top coordinator and eventually be jet setter. Max plans to be a trainer and do research.

Dawn Top coordinator and design Pokemon clothing.

Iris wants to be a Dragon Master and will be a gym leader some day. Cillian is already a connoisseur while Clement is an inventor and gym leader. Bonnie wants to be a trainer and then help her brother out.

Serena wants to be Kalos Queen and one day be married to Ash, lol.

Point of fact, these are all jobs that can be achieved and teach to others. Pokemon master isn't one.
1/10/2019 c17 sternentanz92
i love your Story. Please write more soon.
12/18/2018 c17 22Daisy Rhine
Awe that was an awesome conversation
12/17/2018 c17 1buterflypuss
good chap
12/17/2018 c17 4Twilight-Lloyd
Kukui in the middle of the night: “Wait... LATIAS?!
12/17/2018 c17 92KaliAnn
Well at least someone finally gave him the Talk. Hopefully this means, he will be better aware of people's feelings and pokemon romances.
12/17/2018 c17 47Cottonmouth25
I think this was very cute. They way this discussion went was so very “Ash”. In other words, I thought it was quite an in-character way for our oblivious boy to speculate about the nature of romance.

Or... how did Kukui put it? The evolved form of friendship? I thought that was hilarious. Excellent metaphor. XD
12/3/2018 c16 22Daisy Rhine
I feel bad for the kids
12/1/2018 c16 92KaliAnn
I love this moment between those two.
12/1/2018 c15 KaliAnn
I'm glad that you talked about. Entie might have been an illusion, but the Unknown were very real.
12/1/2018 c16 1buterflypuss
good chap
11/14/2018 c14 JasmineFire7
Oooh! You should totally do a Serena cameo! Or Clemont and Bonnie. That would be super interesting!
Keep up the good work!
11/14/2018 c14 22Daisy Rhine
I love care for Ash
11/14/2018 c14 92KaliAnn
Ah he's a nervous nelly at times.
11/13/2018 c14 1buterflypuss
good chap
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