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3/9/2020 c7 2CureCaligraphy
Kukui: what kind of things happened that you're worried about what happens to your pokemon after you die?
Ash: well, i died six times, so...
Kukui, choking: what?!
2/13/2020 c1 1OrchestraWoof101
hey its me again. im having a hard time figuring out how to
post a new chapter without a new story seperate.
its driving me nuts. please help. its been a few days and i still
dont get it. why do these things have to be complicated?.
2/9/2020 c36 OrchestraWoof101
I love this series:3 you are one of my favourites on this website, keep up the good work!
1/22/2020 c36 1buterflypuss
Good chap
1/20/2020 c1 Guest
Hey man come you can't possibly take so much time to write a chap see no offence but it is taking too long please upload something
1/21/2020 c36 85KaliAnn
A wonderful chapter and a good catch with figuring out what the move really is.
1/21/2020 c36 4DarkCielo27
Please have ash use his other Pokémon.
1/21/2020 c35 Hall Gowrt
oh well, the last fews eps are beautiful enough to be turned into seperate chapters
1/8/2020 c35 Bhumika
Hey hi I love your writing skills even though you are going on the storyline you are making your own chapters as well and I personally love it. You display what the person is thinking at the moment not just a conversation and so far out of all the fanfics I have ever read this has to be the best ok. Please keep up the good work.
1/6/2020 c35 1buterflypuss
good chap
1/6/2020 c35 85KaliAnn
I really like this chapter.
1/3/2020 c34 Guest
Heyyy hi there i just finished reading chap 34 and i am loving everything please write more
12/27/2019 c34 1buterflypuss
good chap
12/27/2019 c34 85KaliAnn
Glad you pointed this fact out.
12/5/2019 c1 Mumu
Wow, you're really good at keeping people in character!
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