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12/5/2019 c33 darkness Angelic
I love how this is turning out, I can’t wait for the next update!

There are a few things that I personally would change, but that’s not your fault, there was just some stuff that I would’ve changed
12/5/2019 c33 85KaliAnn
This was a very special and loving chapter.
12/4/2019 c33 1buterflypuss
good chapters
11/21/2019 c32 Guest
What an awesome chapter, thank you! I was looking forward to it.
11/22/2019 c32 4alphawolf96
I really like the way you think about how different people can feel about cultural appropriation and I agree. I wonder if maybe you can do a chapter where all the alolan kids have an innocent misunderstanding with Ash because of his kanto culture, and kukui has to help clear up the confusion and they learn something cool about ash as a result. I think you could really explore the aspect of culture with pokemon. I always thought it was more about ash learning about a unique region's culture, I never thought the islanders could also learn a lot about different cultures through ash and his home. it's a fun thought! (I wrote 'culture' way too many times in this lol)
11/21/2019 c32 85KaliAnn
I like the prompt idea. I basically thought the whole episode sterotyping a lot of things.
11/5/2019 c31 KaliAnn
I like it when the kids are smarter then the adults.
11/5/2019 c31 1buterflypuss
good chap
10/30/2019 c1 PokemonAnimeFan
Can't wait for the next chapter, this fanfic is soooo good! Keep going the good work, you're doing amazing! I love the fact that you respect all the episodes, it's awesome.
10/18/2019 c30 Guest
Since yesterday, I read all of the story, and I already can't wait to read another chapter! Keep up the great work!
10/16/2019 c30 Briar 4
*Smiles sweetly* Hi there! I have gotta say, I have been a big fan of both this story and your other works of creative Author-work(AKA, stories) and you have done a fantastic job at writing this wonderful little gem of a story of yours!

Hmm~.. That was so nice of Kukui to suggest to his young students a sort of mental adventure rather then a physical one instead. But yeah, I bet that for Ash while HE was meditating was that he was more then likely picturing himself back at Prof. Oak's lab, surrounded by ALL of his pokemon & former travelmates whilst still in the state of meditation. That must've all been so nice..

Speaking of which, for the next chapter, I personally, wouldn't mind seeing a chapter taking place right after the events of 'The dealer of Descrution!', 'cause I bet that Ash'll probably being demanding from Kukui HOW exactly he knows(or well, knew) Guzma, because in the games it was revealed that his Dad was abusive towards him and therefore he had an abusive childhood. I mean, Ash doesn't know what that's like but who knows hopefully Kukui will hopefully figure out somethin'...

Ooh, or maybe even a chapter set shortly after the events of 'A Timeless Encounter!'. Because I dunno why, but I have a bit of a feeling that Kukui will have some explaining to do if Ash ever figures out Kukui was/is 'Rory'.

But for now, sweetheart, I bid you Aidu~!
10/16/2019 c30 Pkmn
I love this fanfic! You're doing an awesome job. Can't wait for you to post the Alolan League, it would be really interesting. Keep doing the good work!
10/16/2019 c30 11mayarmayar
This chapter was short and sweet, and really good! Keep up the great work!
10/15/2019 c30 3KittyMelloGirl
ACKKK! This is so good! Thanks for the update!
10/15/2019 c30 1buterflypuss
good chap
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