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9/19/2019 c28 429Ability King KK
This is probably the first story I've come across that has Ash's dad being dead. Most other stories make his father Giovanni, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Although, I do have to wonder, for this to fit within canon what happened to Ash's dad's Pokémon? We know that he was a great trainer and if something were to ever happen to him I would think his Pokémon would stay with Delia and Ash more than anything since they would technically be family.
9/19/2019 c28 ThunderBasilisk
I figured you would have him see Latios or Lucario. I mean Latios is the new soul dew but he's dead all the same. And even though the time together was short I figured lucarios death would hit Ash hard.
9/19/2019 c28 1buterflypuss
good chap
9/19/2019 c28 86KaliAnn
I really loved how you wrote this chapter. The bonding between Kukui and Ash is a lot stronger than his bond with any other professor including professor Oak.
9/6/2019 c27 Guest
I love it! can't wait for more, would love to see some more action directly between the two (like the camping)
9/1/2019 c27 godz87
es hermoso
8/29/2019 c27 KaliAnn
It was really amazing the way you can write a natural flowing conversation between the two.
8/28/2019 c27 1buterflypuss
good chap
8/12/2019 c26 buterflypuss
Good chap
8/10/2019 c26 86KaliAnn
I really like how Kukui is such a guiding figure in Ash's life.
7/23/2019 c14 Guest
Ash has plenty of experience with raising baby Pokémon, like Larvitar, Donphan, Scraggy and Noivern.
7/24/2019 c25 KaliAnn
I think it was a good idea to put this chapter out. It helps explain not only Ash's emotions, but other people's as well in similar situations.
7/23/2019 c25 1buterflypuss
good chap
7/18/2019 c19 Anoneme
You know, I really like this chapter and the last. Growing up, figuring out what you want to do and what would actually work as a job is really difficult actually. These chapters hit pretty close and were well done. Personally... I had wanted to be a marine biologist, and while that’s an actual job it wasn’t until college that I realized I hadn’t really been thinking of it the right way. Now I’m still trying to figure out what I want to DO, rather than what I want to BE. It turned out I wasn’t as interested in some of the realities of what marine biologists do, nor how they get paid...

Back on topic, the chapter theme and how you handled it were excellent! I loved that you/Kukui had the kids pick BOTH a job that involved Pokemon and one that didn’t. Though you kind of skipped over the secondary job options that don’t involve or do involve Pokémon for several of the kids, I do like how professor Kukui used the assignment to suss out the goals of the kids and touch on how they can build up a life both if things pan out and if they don’t. I really liked seeing that in a fic (and I guess I wish someone had managed to get it through to me if I missed it earlier).
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