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8/15/2019 c4 6PinkMusicalCherry
oMG I LOVE THIS! SUCH A GOOD PREMISE! Can't WAIT for Harry and Tom to meet
1/10/2019 c4 7PainedPage
Please write more
1/6/2019 c4 mizzrazz72
Befriending Hermione may not be a good thing to do.
1/3/2019 c4 Brightstone Keep
How is he remotely "canonically bisexual?" If it's Ron being his hostage, he didn't choose that. Krumcakes the Woman Thief was bizarrely given his proper hostage. (Why Hermione when Fleur's was Gabi and not Roger Davies? JK was wrong, fight me.)
1/3/2019 c4 Fast Frank
Some might wonder why Ron seems shunted aside. I believe it is to prevent Harry from interacting with "Scabbers" too soon. "Canonically bisexual"?
1/3/2019 c3 Fast Frank
Obviously Draco is in Slytherin, because Hufflepuff wouldn't have him.
1/3/2019 c2 Fast Frank
I suspect the same sense of humor that named "Doctor Crusher".
1/3/2019 c4 Roostertheking
Good plot going there... But still couldn't guess why u made Harry blind... If u gave his eyesight back so easily and he still gets dreams of Tom...
For pairing for me I would like harry/Daphne...Hermione/ Neville ...i still wonder the oddities of JK pairings...
Is Harry wearing glasses or totally cured...
Waiting for ur next update...
1/3/2019 c4 1Siljaros1994
1/3/2019 c4 Myrek
You said this story was getting a lot of attention. Compared to other authors with the same level of skill as you, this story is way too un-popular. So, this story shockingly, only has like a 50/100 favs/follows! It deserves more! Great chapter 3
1/2/2019 c4 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Good chapter and thanks for sharing!
12/16/2018 c3 Story341
I loved the conversations with Malfoy. I look forward to whatever he does next. Thanks for writing.
9/17/2018 c3 mizzrazz72
Draco is only sprouting what he was taught.
9/17/2018 c3 Gurgaraneth
Love it
9/16/2018 c3 ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Nice train trip and I really liked how Harry brought down Draco's words. Thanks for sharing!
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