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6/1 c36 LordAaric
Great Chapter. Can you give specific ship numbers of the first order/sith eternal?
5/26 c36 11Ahsokafanboy1138
Ilum is Starkiller Base. Otherwise, great.
5/25 c36 Tohka123
Really enjoying it, keep up the hard work
5/24 c36 Truth's Hierarch
So the Grand Admiral is really taking the route of attrition with the New Republic Remnants, or the New Rebellion as they call themselves. A whole year of what is generously being called a war has passed, and the New Rebellion just seems to be splintering just a little more as time goes by and becoming more criminal in behavior due to the nature of their prolonged campaign. They say that war changes even the brightest of souls because of the adversities of the reality that is war, and even the New Rebellion is no exception to this, especially since they don't have the charismatic and moral leadership of the likes of Leia Organa to lead them. One thing I happened to notice is that while you did mention that the New Rebellion has so far refrained from transporting spice, you did not make any mention of them avoiding the slave trade, so did you just miss that or is there something more sinister in the New Rebellion?

Moving on from the unsavory implications happening in the New Rebellion, I'd like to say some things about the scattered Resistance. They are well and truly a far cry from the Rebellion of old, especially with the ideological differences between the various groups that made up the Resistance, and that's without mentioning the lack of proper leadership like I mentioned with the New Rebellion. I especially enjoyed how you made the various Resistance factions possess a wide range of long-term goals separate from the main Resistance group. With this variety of goals for each Resistance faction, do you think that there will be the possibility of localized civil wars if they happen to be in the same star system or even a planet itself? The most obvious example would be conflicts between those who desire complete independence and those who desire concessions under First Order rule. Another would be those who are moderate in their resistance (no pun intended) to First Order rule and those who take their resistance too far that it is no different from terrorism. All this in addition to the struggles of the original Resistance trying to keep the organization united as you mentioned. Oh, do you think that maybe some of the Resistance factions that are not completely against First Order governance may come into conflict with the New Rebellion? Seriously, all this potential infighting between the different rebel groups is like a complete reflection of the Empire after the Battle of Endor between the various Imperial warlords, don't you think?

Moving on, I'm not going to go into much detail regarding the relationship between Kuvira and Kylo Ren, but I will say that I am happy that they both found that special someone to live for beyond the duties and responsibilities of their stations. They are not like the Clone and Droids who are only meant to fight and be discarded when not needed. As for the coming clash between Snoke and Palpatine with Kylo Ren coming along, this will be uncharted territory as far as the Star Wars Universe is concerned since this is significantly more development for Snoke compared to "canon", and I use the term loosely.

Well, I'm done for this segment. See you in the next chapter. Glory to the First Order!
5/24 c36 sun1995
very fascinating Story
I enjoyed it enormously so far and hope there will be many more chapters in the Future!
5/24 c36 9Love.Fiction.2021
Ahhh loved it!:D
5/23 c36 greyes26
I wonder what their reaction will be I mean for Snoke ot would be mind blowing that his entire life that he was a clone I mean would they still join Forces as well with the sith eternal they would receive a lot more manpower. Great chapter and I like the templin Institute first order.
5/22 c36 GS9 go so hard
Thank you for the chapter . I always thought you would update earlier but i'm very grateful for this chapter all the same.
5/22 c36 32elusivemuse
Despite the break between updates, you’ve created a fantastic level of tension and flow that sucks a reader in. I love this story, the plot and the fact that the romance doesn’t overshadow the story. While I would love to see the two together more, I understand that the realism with them leaves very little time in which they would be together and the level of characterisation and development is getting the same level of attention to detail that you offer with the overwhelming plot. I love this story and I’ve recommended it to countless others to read. I really hope you are also considering publishing your own works as your skill with the written word is fabulous. I only wish I had this level of talent and know that only writing often produces it. Keep up the brilliant work and I eagerly await your next update, whenever that shall be.
5/22 c35 Truth's Hierarch
Well, I seem to have fallen behind in my reviews, so I'll just give a brief one here and then go into more detail in Chapter 36:

Coruscant's history as the political center of galactic civilization is well and truly ancient in its length. Very rarely has it ever been challenged as the capital in all the years of the Old Republic, with the major exceptions being the Alsakan Wars. Even during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Coruscant served as the Throne World, so to be stripped of that one title, not even with a bang but a whimper, must have struck a blow so deep into the very culture of Coruscant that I doubt it would ever forget for generations to come. That's just with a broader view.

Personally, I never really understood the glamour of the city planet beyond its political and military importance. All that glamour and prestige is quite literally only on the surface of the planet, and it is proven to get worse the deeper into the undercity you go as if it's a barely more tolerable version of the underhives in Warhammer 40k hive cities. I even consider them the "New Nar Shaddaa" already as you had put it. To me, the beating heart of a nation, no matter how big or small, is a reflection of the true nature of the government as a whole; therefore, to have so much crime and corruption deep below the surface, and even in the highest echelons of Coruscanti society, really shows how far the Republic has fallen in the years before the Empire. Not to say that the Empire is blameless as they suffered with incompetence and corruption themselves, but Coruscant is a lot more difficult of a planet to deal with, so I'm really hoping that Kuvira can truly make some effective changes to Coruscant and make it into a proper world with some degree of order.
5/12 c1 Guest
when is the next chapter i hope you don't abandon this fanfic because its very good
5/9 c35 Wildk
Nice chapter, I was wondering if you could go in detail of Kuvira overseeing the change in naval doctrine, have her see new ship development and expand the First Order Navy to eventually be in similar size if not greater than the Empires.
5/7 c35 WildWeaver
Templin institute posted a video on their version of the First order. Be cool if you could check it out.
5/3 c1 GS9 go so hard
Update please
4/12 c24 11Ahsokafanboy1138
I always liked to think Canady had a wife: a Twi'lek he rescued from some pirates and who got a job as a mechanic on an ISD or some base.
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