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8/22/2022 c1 10ShizukaYuukiMistress10
Hey this is Sunrise109!

I accidently posted my review below before I finished writing so I'm posting it again on my second account - pls excuse my foolishness hehe :D :

This was incredible! I really loved reading it :) the beautiful relationship you depicted between father and daughter was wonderful. I liked the conversations between Sasuke and Sarada, and how she fell asleep on him. I also love the special surprise that a new sibling is on the way for Sarada!

Great job! :)
8/22/2022 c1 7Sunrise109
This was incredible! I really loved reading it :) the beautiful relati
11/8/2018 c1 208ouji-Rui
This is beautiful! The series doesn't show Sasuke as a good father, and I'm glad that both Sarada and Sasuke got some kind of closure in your story. They deserve better. Thank you for sharing this! I'm sorry it took me a long time to review this. Good luck!
10/28/2018 c1 Guest
this is ao beautiful, im crying in hoy of tears, joy for the story and how I found this story. your English is perfect and you have a great touch in expressing your thoughts and feelings. Love
9/26/2018 c1 15Rey Bee
How much I wish something like thet appeared in manga/anime series... For me in Boruto serie the aspect of Sasuke's and Sarada's relationship is just too poorly developed. In fact, it's not developed at all. It's relieving that Sasuke isn't such a cold jerk all the time and that he can cry, but still, I think Sarada is too forgiving in general. I liked the story, thanks for sharing it!
9/17/2018 c1 2Utopia Empire
Hello dear, this is FANTASTIC AND AMAZING!
So emotional, as always from you. You could bring up such small scene into something so heart wrenching and I couldn't help but wonder how you had such talent for this.
7/23/2018 c1 incrediblysane
Goodness. This is what we've been missing from the family itself. A lot actually, this is just one of them. Have seen clues of the possibility Sasuke thinking about his family, but well, almost is never enough. Thank you for writing this beautifully, and your effort too, despite English is not your native language. It just makes it even more beautiful. Xx
7/6/2018 c1 7fugitivus
Nice one shot. I especially like that Sasuke cries in the end. I guess he was always kind of emotionally withdrawn, always repressing his feelings, and here he could finally open up. I can't help but compare it with your 'Broken Bonds' series. Here as well I can see this kind of supportive-mediating female character that helps her partner and kids to communicate, but I like it how even though you focus on men you manage to show their women play import roles. As to Sasuke as a father, imho, Kishmoto didn't make him a good father unfortunately. Anyway, I think you're doing great showing child worries- like the fact that Sarada might be hurt because of the unborn baby get more attention, or that even though she knows she is loved by papa, she needs to be reassured of that, be constantly surrounded by care and attention. Thanks for the story and happy summer holidays!
7/3/2018 c1 17Emma Raye
Oh emotional Sasuke is always so sad, but considering they were happy tears: they warmed my heart! Apologies that this review is so late!
I enjoyed how balanced introspection with dialogue a lot.
Sakura being pregnant again was a nice surprise and a great way to help facilitate this conversation!
Well done! :D
7/2/2018 c1 20Poodie
You did fantastically. I will maintain something I told another person: I am convinced that each Naruto couple/family is missing SOMETHING in their development.

The SasuSaku couple is definitely missing a moment in which Sakura is either mad with Sasuke or at least actually doubting him. I know that she loves him and all. And I know she trusts him with all her heart and stuff. But where is the development? They just need at least ONE moment in which Sakura is upset with him. XD I think I'll do that. Not tdt she'll hbe hella mad at him. But she will be upset.

I so loved your title. It compacted so much emotion in it that I actually cried before even reading your oneshot. I thought of all the possiblities and questions and insecurities Sarada may have had. It was heart breaking XD

The NaruHina couple is definitely missing some kind of argument too XD

ShikaTema is missing the moment in which the proposal happened.

ChoKarui is missing...well everything XD Okay well they're at least missing a first date. Like, their coming together or whatever XD

SaIno is missing an everyday moment :D I would love to see them done right XD topic. You did a fantastic job! I enjoyed the emotion in this!

7/1/2018 c1 6fxrefliess
im late oops sorry

I dont know this fandom so...? I've gathered a bit of things from other stories, but I still dont really know the characters. With that said, it was still an enjoyable read. Nice job!

thanks for sharing! Enjoy your summer!
6/29/2018 c1 76een nihc
The ending is a bit surprising to me, didn't expect that. Generally it's very difficult to write about the Uchiha, so kudos to you for writing about the inevitable question that Sarada had for her father.
6/29/2018 c1 36iBloo
This story was so cute! and omggg a crying emotional Papasuke. Even if English isn't your native language, it was still nicely written! :) Thank you for sharing.
6/28/2018 c1 23wingedmercury
Ahhhhhh so adorable! Great job here. I know you said English is your second language, but I thought this was very well written, and I never would’ve guessed if you hadn’t told us. Great job with this great story!
6/27/2018 c1 17Pixie07
I love Sarada and Sasuke stories, and I loved yours. Also, your english (as far as I can tell since English isn't my first language) was very good, I didn't noticed erros
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