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12/23/2021 c4 ehem
More pleaseee huhu
8/16/2021 c1 148Twin Mounds
Don’t know why it’s M, but it’s all very cute, Luffy kinda seems a bit… ooc? A bit odd. And Robin feels a bit too young, but maybe that’s what Luffy fault, Luffy probably makes her feel young and she deserves that
8/4/2021 c1 Henry Ucelay
You could have done a longer One Shot, but even so it came out 10/10 it's hard to find a Luffy x Robin fanfic and well done
6/8/2020 c3 Hungryboi
I want more that left my jaw so clenched! I hope for another chapter!
5/28/2020 c4 Jpardo
This was sweet..hope you’ll make a full story one day
3/6/2020 c2 1Zack Lynch
That was a very heartwarming scene, it made my day. I also agree, there aren't enough Luffy x Robin fanfiction.
2/12/2020 c4 Rice with Chest-Nuts
Protective RobinBest-Robin...
2/12/2020 c3 Rice with Chest-Nuts
man!, i don't know about you, and everyone else's... but this is just adorable and amusing. like this.. really like it!, hope you will keep continuing this... never get enough of this LuRo fics story.
2/12/2020 c2 Rice with Chest-Nuts
2/12/2020 c1 Rice with Chest-Nuts
never say no to some LuRo fluff fanfics!
1/4/2020 c4 WeslenBR
muito bom
12/24/2019 c4 8CRUDEN
This was cute, since typos but overall way to go.
12/23/2019 c4 AlimeLover123
Beautiful I want more
12/23/2019 c4 4NotThatGuyAlpha
I'm looking forward to JJBA stories, this was nice and cute
12/23/2019 c4 Guest
There can never be enough LuRo fanfiction.
How about a chapter of Luffy being the Protective one.
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