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for Vengeance

5/5 c35 leavemealonetodie
This chapter alone— it’s so well written and so emotive. It’s the perfect character development for Dean and Serra, and I feel the exact thing Serra would do. Dean, of course, is right on as well. This is heartbreaking. I am devastated. Well. Done.
5/5 c33 leavemealonetodie
Unbelievable. This is too much.
5/5 c32 leavemealonetodie
My mouth has been open the whole time I read this chapter.
5/5 c29 leavemealonetodie
5/5 c28 leavemealonetodie
No no no no
5/5 c26 leavemealonetodie
“Sorry Em, but I’m a Winchester.”
Uggg. It stopped me right in my tracks. I love that line.
5/4 c23 leavemealonetodie
5/4 c20 leavemealonetodie
The Winchester twins! Aaaaah! I love it so much!
5/4 c18 leavemealonetodie
Oh my goodness! I’ve heard of all those places! And the way you’ve written them tells me you’ve been there! And it’s good to see Grace back, if only for a bit.
5/4 c16 leavemealonetodie
I know I keep saying it but sheesh. The character interaction, the dialogue. It’s all so true to life. Dean and Serra shoulder to shoulder discussing the other hunters is perfect. Dean being possessive of Grace with old boyfriends... right on the money. Your one liners. Uggggg so good.
5/3 c15 leavemealonetodie
Serra’s speech is simply fantastic. She has such a way with words and I can just see it all happening. I’m so glad she took the reins on that one. So fucking good.
5/3 c14 leavemealonetodie
Your hunters are so amazing! I LOVE Tulley!
5/3 c10 leavemealonetodie
Just amazing.
5/2 c7 leavemealonetodie
So good.
5/2 c6 leavemealonetodie
Everett Winchester!
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