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for The Price of Cruelty - A Miraculous Oneshot

7/26/2018 c1 FanGirl
The show would be more interesting if Chloe were the main character. Don't get me wrong, I love the show but it's not different from what we've seen before.
7/2/2018 c1 10Junior VB
Chloe es un personaje interesante.
Chloe is an interesting character.
6/22/2018 c1 Guest
Yes! I have been feeling the same way about Chloe for a while now. She is honestly the best character for me and is a complex, I know she has been cruel in the past but I mostly blame her parents. Her father spoils her to make up for the mothers absence, and Audrey seems like a deadbeat mom who comes around only when it suits her. I feel like for Chloe to become a better person she needs an outlet for all her pent up emotions and the Queens’s battle is going to be that outlet. Amazing fic!
6/22/2018 c1 34anxresi
Don't worry Chloe, I'm sure things will get better for you VERY soon, when a certain bee flies into your life... ;)

(P.S Chloe is my fave too due to her complexity and potential for growth, in fact I'm writing a fic about her which has more than 100k words so far. My poor aching keyboard :/ )
6/22/2018 c1 Guest
There's nothing wrong with looking Chloe. After all, she's not the typical mean girl, and actually is going through a character development. I mean, thats why she would get the bee miraculous

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