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7/14/2019 c1 9GoldEmblem
Me gonna review now. I've been putting this story off for a while but now I'm gonna read it XD So let me list down your characters and give them my thoughts:

Axel - Alright. Starting with Axel who seems to be a literal edgelord. He's pretty cool but I don't see him going far really XD At most maybe he'll be gone right before the merge or right after. I get a total 'too cool for school' type of vibes too.

Chiazam - By far one of my favorites! Chiazam seems to be a struggling magician who's suave in nature and talks like a gentleman. Just my type of character. Plus I ship him and Madden so that'll be pretty sweet to look forward to XD I see him going far but seeing how his stereotype is kind of simple, I would say he probably won't go far... which makes me sa XD

Coilin - So an Islamic contestant? I don't think I've seen one of those yet so you probably are the first to create a guy like him. He might spark up some controversy but his goal of being a man is admirable and I hope to see him achieve that goal sometime during this story XD After all, Total Drama is notable for changing people's perspective.

Elani - I'm not sure what she's supposed to be (I need labels and pictures stat) but as of now, I don't really see her going far or as an important character. At most, she along with Tierre seem to be the more sane members of the cas Fritz - I'll be honest. Fritz has to be my favorite of the Tardises. He reminds me of Vinnie from Letterz, only with a prosthetic leg rather than a prosthetic arm. No doubt, I'll be rooting for him even if I know he's probably not going to win. At most, I'm betting he might hook up with Leiko XD

Irwin - I think he's just a photographer with a bowl cut. Irwin might be a bit interesting, but I can't say if he'll go far because as of now, he seems more like a filler character and probably won't have a major arc involved with the story. At most, I can see him teaming with Quik as a Best Friend Duo but we'll see XD

Jam - Your favorite Bacon. Punk girls! Jam reminds me of our Forum Member Velvet, given her dream of opening up a tattoo parlor. But aside from that, given how your punk girls usually act, I see her as a kickass character who is for sure going to make far into the Final Five. XD

Leiko - Student Council President in the game? Usually they're bratty, mean, and disrespectful to the environment. Leiko is fun, exciting, and friendly. A total change from the usual Students of Total Drama (like Daisy). I don't know how she's gonna play out, but I hope she's gonna pair up with Fritz and I might consider her a possible person to root for.

Ludwig - Alright! Our fellow Owen here with a cool name and a love for Squidburgers. Even if he don't fart a lot, I can still see Ludwig going for Coilin. Also, Coilin and Ludwig. Best Friend Duo for the win! Yeah, I'll like Ludwig.

Madden - When she was revealed to be a furry, I was like, oh no. She pretends to be a cat but even with her flaws as a furry, she's still human and I think I'll enjoy her. She'll remind me of Mabel from Gravity Falls and I will love to see her hook up with Chiazam. XD

Malise - I think I recognize this one and I think I might know what might happen later. But a religious sweetheart? She's adorable and she's gonna be one of my female favorites of the story hah XD

Mecca - Mecca is awesome. Mecca is fun. Mecca is a fun badass gamer who talks in third-person. Mecca's really interesting and I also see her as someone who's going to go far. Though I wonder if she and Coilin are gonna become a thing with her name and Coilin's religion l o l. But given this chapter, if the DeLoreans lose, I think Mecca might have a high chance of being booted, but we shall see.

Quik - No relation to Zoom. Quik seems to be someone who loves to move fast and I think that's all that is going for him. I see him as a Best Friend Duo with Irwin but I can't really see him going far. But knowing you, you'll probably surprise me definitely with this guy XD

Rusty - At first, I liked this guy because he was going to be a real drama setter...but insulting Ludwig Van Beethoven?! Oh ho. You are going down my friend. He seems like an obvious first boot, but I see him as a nuisance who's waiting to get eliminated, especially if Tierre's gonna fall for him. As sad as this classical music hater guy is gonna go, I can see him going far past the merge XD

Tierre - As mentioned above, I see her helping Rusty with his diabolical classical music hating plans seeing how she's the only one to get flustered by him, but we'll see. As for anything else about her... she likes hair? I think that's all I can think about her :p

Zenith: Ohmmmmmmm. A hippie. A very chill hippie. I will enjoy to see her reaction to the 60s where the Hippies reign supreme with LSDs and party buses central. With her tendency to predict stuff, she might go far, or she might be a Dawn and fall hard. Either way, I like her too XD

And that's all the characters! Looking forward to reading the next part, but that won't be for a while. As for who I want to see voted off, well, no one really? I like these people. But I'll predict the first boot will be either Rusty for the Tardises and maybe Mecca for the DeLoreans.

Keep up the good work by dude! : )
2/19/2019 c9 Explosivo25

a;sldkfja;sdf I can't believe you're making a hotel of despair ref before it's even out. If that's a hint that I need to hurry the fuck up, well, I noticed. lol
12/15/2018 c7 Explosivo25
happy belated smashmas! with...mario kart: chariot edition. I'm down with that.
11/24/2018 c6 1Forsaken Yoshi
I haven't abandoned youuuuuuu...! I just got logged out of my account and forgot my password so that sucked. Anyway, this isn't a review, I'm going to actually review once I get back to my real acc.
11/21/2018 c6 Explosivo25
Malise, you little shit. Of course she has the idol...

I had to restrain myself from laughing at the "chris crying over a bottle of shampoo" thing because that is such a Chris thing to do. I did laugh a little at the "sixteenth contestant thing." The memes live on.

No exorcism? Booooo. Still funny, though.
9/23/2018 c4 congratsvictoriayoufoundit
Nice chapter! I don’t want to be a spoiler, but I totally picked up on the thing in one of the scenes before the challenge that you tried to divert attention away from, if you know what I’m saying.
Mecca and Madden should be a fun duo to watch, though I’m actually more excited for Leiko and Fritz.
Is it going to become a running gag that you keep changing Hiam- Chiam- Coilin- Coilim’s name? Because if so you might just pull off the weirdest running gag in existence.
Zenith used to be mean, eh? Yay for giving her plot armour.
Nobody dissed Chikorita like that! I can’t believe she was voted the most useless starter. I always picked her in my playthroughs of Gold.
I, too, am Cuckoo for Cocoa puffs.
Good chapter!
9/23/2018 c4 Explosivo25
I have the Plagues song from Prince of Egypt stuck in my head now, thanks.

also this chapter can serve as a daily reminder that mosquitos are shitty creatures. fuck mosquitos.
(Looks like the winking mask has been acknowledged. hoo boy.)

Zenith actually doing some self-examination is really enjoyable, actually. I'd actually be interested in seeing more of that kind of thing.
9/16/2018 c3 congratsvictoriayoufoundit
Nice chapter! I wasn't at all disappointed he went home; I think I recall not liking him. And Irwin's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Speaking of favorites, this story's the bomb! I've decided to give both Madden and Malise a chance, Madden because I may have been a bit quick to judge her, and Malise because villain potential which I didn't see coming! I'm also beginning to Dislike Zenith- she feels like Dawn 2.0. Only criticism: I'd like to see some more of Fritz's and Elani's personalities next chapter, just because they feel rather one-note when compared to everyone else.
9/14/2018 c3 Explosivo25
lol, bye Rusty.

MALISE HOLY FUCK. Something tells me this is going to be an...interesting season.
9/1/2018 c2 Explosivo25
Dinosaurs are certainly an interesting thing to start out with, that's for sure. It makes me excited for what else you could have in store.

Hell yeah, Mecca. Hell yeah, brief Rhana cameo. Get punted, Rusty.

Jam hating butterflies is certainly...unique. I'm interested in what the story behind that is, for sure.
6/24/2018 c1 Explosivo25
Sorry this is so late!

This honestly looks like a fun squad. It's going to take me a while to remember who's who and what their deals are, but I'll be sure to let you know which one is my favorite.

You have some fun team names there, hopefully no one sues the producers for copyright problems, lol. XD

Dinosaurs fuck yeah.
6/22/2018 c1 congratsvictoriayoufoundit
Hey, this looks pretty neat! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for updates.

Favourites: Chiazam, Irwin, Jam
Likes: Zenith, Mecca, Axel
Neutral-Likes: Elani, Leiko,
Neutral-Dislikes: Quik, Fritz
Dislikes: Hiam, Ludwig, Tierre
Least Favourites: Rusty, Malise, Madden

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