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1/17 c1 Guest
Jaune as Winn from Supergirl
1/14 c163 Shin
you should commission a good artist to draw those cards..ngl I'd love to see them done by a good artist.
1/13 c163 3Raidentensho
nice one. though i do wonder if the author 'Gold Sith' will make a movie parody of 'The 5th element' with RWBY characters. figured that the movie would fit all too well via the hover cars and hover Junks (Chinese boats) are relatable to the bullheads, plus Jinn would fit the blue skinned singer near the end of the movie. still, this collective is indeed full of potential. looking forward to more. until then, later!
1/12 c163 Middernacht
How about another tear jerk

I recently discovered it on youtube there is a character in the series called the Invoker and he had a daughter he loved with all his heart. she had a sickness incurable by man so he went to the goddess who was his daughter's mother and she refused to heal her daughter on the basis that she didn't worship her
1/12 c1 Guest
Can you please write a chapter from a tv show like teen wolf Jaune as stiles
1/12 c163 Dennis c
Can you do a history of trunks
Gohan as junan
1/11 c163 Yang
I like training.

Tai and Sienna are friends.
1/12 c163 CharlieFreemantheJumperch
1/12 c162 ProtoExcalibur
Mans whipped out Lil Jack for that sweet psychological torment
1/12 c163 8DinoGuy2000
Ha! Seeing the big baddies get trashed was pretty fun! The fun in the game room and back on Patch was great as well!

Good work!
1/12 c92 MrSunshine744
You know I never even clicked until I read this again but this chapter is a nice nod to Simo Häyhä. Can't believe I missed it before.
1/11 c163 Thanatos 2018
So who's the jokers in this case for the cards? Cause theirs always 2 jokers in a deck of cards.
1/11 c163 Robbeeyy
Good Chapter it's great to have you back, you should do a One Piece one, but instead have like the best attacks and significant moments, like a top ten list. But, that is just a suggestion.
1/11 c163 Jamieoeyes
YES! Tai and Sienna have finally gotten together looks like Yang and Ruby finally have a new Step-Mum I wonder how the girls and Sienna will interact with each other now that there going to be seeing lot of each other in the future, now we just need to set Qrow up with someone and then everything will be good, my vote is on a certain lovely bird from Mantle who's a crack shot with a bow *hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge* anyway happy New Year mate hope you have a wonderful time this year and take care of yourself see ya later.
1/11 c163 NXUS09
It would be cool to see a Jaune as the sage of six paths instead of pein
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