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1/23 c171 Chaos Lord Roscoso
Hmm for me I'd go for Wimpod~
1/22 c24 3Maglad
While sure, it would be impressive in a vacuum, our dear author seems to have forgotten he wrote a Broly chapter, so seeing All Might fight the nomu, after seeing Broly, shouldn't really be that shocking.

Reminds me, will we get One Punch Man next?
1/17 c103 2hupedia
honestly I don't see why Jaune has to prove anything to anyone least of all the one person who won't give him time of day.
fuck Weiss if she wants to stew in her PMS and daddy issues that's her problem but don't take it out on one of the few guys who actually likes you for you and not your connections
1/15 c171 TheWolkVip
Maybe Jujutsu Kaisen where Jaune is Itadori, and Oz is Gojo, in the first series?
1/7 c171 darrk-ryu
great chapter as always. I say Dratini cause I don't know dragon type pokemon fit Jaune a little better then the rest but I do believe dog like pokemon fit him better but that just my opinion.
1/6 c171 Offunseeker271
Love your story fun read. For the Pokémon first choice tynamo
1/6 c171 Trason9
Warcraft jauns as Arthur menthol, Varian Wrynn or his son Anduin Wrynn
1/1 c171 Krowe Carter
12/31/2022 c1 Spare 12 Garuda
Hey, i wanna ask you a question, do you know Ace Combat? If yes, will you make Jaune as Trigger from Ace Combat 7 in operation hush (Trigger VS 2 ADF-11F Ravens "Hugin and Munin")?
12/31/2022 c171 acedragoon
I'm torn between Wimpod and Dratinin but I'll go with Wimpod as a starter.
12/28/2022 c171 K3YMASTER
Can they watch the moon rises it is God tier and it would be cool
12/20/2022 c171 Astral Alex
Devil May Cry: Dante or Vergil.
title: I am the Storm that is Approaching
12/20/2022 c9 Guest
Hey can you do a chapter jaune he was PS5 Spider Man
12/20/2022 c7 Guest
Hey do we get to see a chapter female jaune she was in higurashi
12/19/2022 c171 3naruking4
I say may be cliche but it fits him.
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