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5/19 c184 GoldQuartz
How about Helltaker, but it's Jaune going through Hell to gain the harem, and the Demon girls are swapped with RWBY girls
5/19 c185 GoldQuartz
Love Helltaker, hope we see more
5/16 c185 Guest
Have you ever heard of the powder keg of justice dnd paladin speech it would be amazing to see the rwby cast react to this
4/30 c185 Hilltim
You know I would have liked this a lot better, if Jaune was the one with a harem of demon girls, because having them be his mother and aunts, is just disappointing and a let down.
5/1 c185 4Maglad
Heh,even Emerald shook reminds me of "Even speedwagon is afraid!" from JoJo

Thanks for the chapter, and yes, notifications are broken still, again.

Have you considered doing a Dr House episode? I just remembered the 11th episode from season 6. Its called "Remorse" and its about fixing a psychopath and having her feel remorse at her actions. I just thought "hey this would work really well on Cinder".
4/17 c185 Chuck B. Winanaki
This brings up a neat question. Could demons and angels be the reason why Faunus and the red eye trait exist on Remnant? For the Faunus this one's simple, Demons can have horns or an animal trait like Cerberus so a few demons having children with humans could lead to the Faunus being created. Heck with Hell being so dark it's possible that the night vision was an unintended trait passed down.

The red eyes are a bit harder to explain with a few individuals having them like Qrow, Raven, Emerald and Yang half the time. Going off of Jaune it looks like the red eyes are more of a recessive gene. Possibly why there's so few people running around with red eyes?

It's possible that Adam is another demon child. He has dark horns and wears a black and red suit all the time. Admittedly this one's a stretch but it's fun to think about.

The fact that Carry exists means that the main HellTaker cast aren't the only demons in Hell! This means it's fully possible for other demons to have mixed their genetics with humanity to create the Faunus and the red eyes without Jaune being related to either Blake or Yang!

I wonder how Cerberus will react to Blake. Will they love her or despise her? Dogs do often want to play with cats.

Fantastic chapter! Looking forward to more!
4/16 c185 X3runner
I remember helltalker it’s pretty dope but the first thing that poped into my brain when I saw the word hell was fighting for managed democracy for super earth
4/14 c185 Guest
I have a suggestion: How about a version of Jaune and friends are the RWBY equivalent of "The PartyCrashers" on youtube?
4/14 c185 Getsuga say so
Hay you could maybe do Jaune as Peter grills anime. The characters really m
4/16 c185 Aquiles Arc Nikos
RWBY x Re Monster
4/16 c185 9DinoGuy2000
Ha, that was pretty fun! Roman's last comment especially so!

Good work!
4/16 c181 aaronaguilarcruz.117
Estuvo la raja y ese discurso, oh hermano el discurso (「・ω・)「 gracias
4/15 c185 SPARTAN-626
Great to see an update here been a while and good chapter here. Wasn’t expecting to see Helltaker but I welcome the surprise and hope we get to see it again soon. As a suggestion for a future chapter maybe one that involves the old show called Chaotic
4/15 c185 3Fyr RedNight
Brillant work on the last couple of chapters!
4/14 c185 DragonTetho
Ey my fren, is it possible for you to do a Trails of Cold Steel one? With Jaune getting together with the atowable student co president Towa Herschel? That and it has mecha fights!
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