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for Class 1C

5/9/2021 c1 OriginalDrumy
It'll be nice to see if someone actually writes this. I'd definitely read it
1/26/2021 c1 PazzyBepo
Lmfao, Sakazuki as homeroom teacher? Bruhh
10/22/2018 c1 macapaca6860
Please do continue. I would like to see how it turns out, but it has potential. Thanks, if you read this, please do take into consideration the characters original relationships in one piece.
9/14/2018 c1 11sdkop21
Omg! This story has so much potential! Can't wait to read more! Keep at it!
6/24/2018 c1 Guest
That was disappointing
6/23/2018 c1 JCVD
Well, let me see how I can say it.
Do you have your keyboard on hand? There is two buttons that has more importance on those works. One is the dot "." and the other is the comma ",".
Use them.
Second, do you see that big button on the right hand? It's called Enter. You can use press it twice for separate lines even more distance. Use it.
Will I follow the story? No.
Will I favourite the story? Even less.
But if You're trying to write, remember the teachers of your school.
6/23/2018 c1 jjcoop95
Sakazuki as the home room teacher for Luffy!? I want this to happen

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