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5/2 c1 Sonia
Hello, I just wanted to tell you that on wattpad someone has translated your story, I do not know if this is with your consent, the person calls himself "loucem".
4/24 c30 SaintlyMonarch
Harry shoulf be crucio'd to insanity at this point.
4/24 c29 SaintlyMonarch
He's not the champion.
4/24 c27 SaintlyMonarch
Harry can't keep his mouth shut.
4/24 c24 SaintlyMonarch
4/18 c76 Noname
I love your story so muchhhhhhh. I finished it in almost 3 days. I was wondering if you stopped writing it or if you will upload anytime soon.
4/16 c76 Iphis94
I'm so sorry I forgot again to review sooner and so sorry to read you'll be taking that break from writing! I totally understand, of course! As a reader, I had to go back and re-read past chapters as well sometimes just for pleasure, others because I had genuinely forgotten things. So I understand how much bigger the need to do so is for you! And a month has already passed so... :) Take your time, though! Just come back when you are ready! Also, thank you for not pausing on a cliffhanger! That would be bad hahaha.

So I will start backwards this time! Thank you, thank you so much for Severus' POV. I don't know if you were planning to do it that way already and I just guessed right, based on how familiar I have gotten with your work, or if you took my review into consideration, but thank you anyways! I loved how it all played out! Narcissa is all for family and it shows and Severus couldn't have not warn his friends. Btw I was actually taken aback because I had forgotten that Severus indeed did not know how Harry had come across the Horcrux, why he had it and where exactly they were standing and how much Voldemort knew as well. I now wonder what he thought about Voldemort's reaction to the news about the "Durmstrang student". Poor Snape. He got in the middle of this mess somehow. But it was ever so enlightening to get an outside view. Viewing all this from Harry's side, some things just pass without much notice, while they are of such importance.

Now as for the first part. It is really interesting every time you mention Necromancy really. I love your take in it! I'm ever so interested for more on that. Also, I liked a lot how Voldemort expresses fondness during their conversations now and how he appreciates Harry's curiosity instead of getting exasperated. The swift in their relationship is so evident in little things like that. I was shocked to learn that no one had a memory of the event as it payed out like they did but I shouldn't be really. However, it is comforting! Both the thought and also the fact that there will be no further drama on that front with gossips and stuff.
But, the highlight of this part of the chapter was definitely Harry's reaction on Voldemort showering! Hahaha I laughed out loud really! So perfect! Especially the comment really!

It was really nice how Harry stood up both for Sirius and Narcissa and Lucius by confronting Snape and Voldemort too. This relationship is turning out so well balanced and that's nice to see really! 3
Hope everything goes well with your note- taking and your passion for the story gets even bigger in the process! Hope to get the next chapter sooner than expected, though of course no pressure! Take care! 3
4/8 c1 DeathRune613
Ok I'll give some slack because you wrote this years ago, but why in all hell would Aurors who are fully trained adults let a child go alone in a room with someone who ratted out that same child's parents, killed 13 people, and can turn into a rat. Harry is a CHILD who doesn't have much or at all any training to deal with this. What if Peter a grown man overpowers Harry a underfed weak child. Plus the dialogue was to fast paced and kinda just bad.
4/3 c76 2Cassiopaeia
It's a shame that you're currently on hiatus. I am loving this story by the way. And I am expecting more. The chills I felt when I read about them, acting so cutely together, makes my insides melt. I pity Snape though. No human should be torn between protecting a hormonal teenager and following a temperamental lord. I am excited to read your future updates

Sincerely yours,
4/3 c74 Cassiopaeia
It's currently 12:19 AM on the 4th of April and my lips are going to split why my heart is barely breathing. 'My dear...Goodness! I feel as if I'm going to explode from excitement and happiness. I can even barely contain my squeel!
4/2 c76 141Smithback
yes, this has been a huge story.. take as much time as you need, this awesomenes needs it

great chap
and good luc
3/29 c76 Guest
What a shame the hiatus stuff, specially when you'd have been writing about easter holidays during easter holidays XD but I get it. If it happens to us as Reader's, surely as Writer a big real. Don't worry and good luck.

About the chapter, it was nice yo have Snape's pov and civil talk to Harry. He can be a great source of understanding if not for their hate.
It was a slow chapter but with so many details that it doesn't feel slow at all, it was sweet and horny and funny and informative.
3/24 c76 Kichigai17
Oh my god I LOVED Snapes POV! I was laughing out loud several times! Like this part “... could not see how starting a passionate love story with the homicidal Dark Lord who'd tried to murder him previously might in any way be a risk factor.” hahaha my husband came over to see what was so funny lol! And the end about not needing a heartsick Dark Lord bc of the bodies lololol. I love Snape so much and I get such delicious glee with everyone being surprised by Harry and Voldemort’s intimacy. More Snape please!
I’m so happy for this update! See you in the summer good luck with writing!
3/19 c76 jules367
I was thinking it could be fun to see Voldemort question Draco about the DA. Maybe discover how Harry put a student in her place after she threw her wand away.
3/18 c76 KATALEYA85
hola! me encanta tu historia, espero tu próxima actualización
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