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6/11 c93 JaiJayce
Wonderful update! I loved the family portrait scene and I actually really hope Harry gets to take one with Voldemort, Barty, Sirius, and Nagini. Draco’s desire to design and sell his own jewelry was unexpected but fitting. I’d love to see him do something with that after all. And the dessert scene! I absolutely want Voldemort to bake for him and Harry to show it off. Thank you!
6/6 c93 Guest
Yeah this hit me in the feelings
6/5 c93 kawaiGaby
Awww how sweet. Barty really is the best! Hope we see him again soon! Poor Harry with exams - let’s see how those turn out!
6/5 c93 6MasterHarryRiddle
family picture with Voldemortwould love to see that haha.
6/5 c93 Viridian Nightingale
loved this chapter, Barty is a treasure
5/28 c92 MinKatSlytherin
Capítulo perfeito e incrível, tive um surto diferente a cada parágrafo. Essa história é atualmente a minha Tomarry favorita, é super bem escrita, a construção de cada personagem é ótima...ansiosa pelos próximos capítulos... S2S2S2
5/19 c91 AytiFox
Pauvre Ron, être témoin de ce baiser plus que chaud eheh. Quoique je serais pas contre être à la place de Ron là tout de suite.
J'avais oublié à quel point cette histoire est incroyable malgré sa longueur, et à quel point j'adore la relation entre Voldemort et Harry.
Merci pour ce chapitre !
5/18 c92 MasterHarryRiddle
but lovely. voldmort has grown and change so much
why i keep reading this when i am suppose to be sleeping? I'll turn my phone off now but my mind keeps going over and over of what I just read
5/17 c92 kawaiGaby
Wow I wasn’t expecting a new chapter in the middle of the week, nice surprise! A bit less intense then the last ones but not less interesting! Nice idea bringing the story of infery, they are linked to necromancy in the end! And somehow we see a softer side of Voldemort too! Wonder what the next chapter will be about. Can’t wait to read it :)
5/16 c92 JaiJayce
Awesome update! Thank you!
5/16 c92 HumorMe2
So intriguingly complex and simple is Harry’s and Voldemort’s relationship. Harry has so ingrained himself in his partner’s world that they are so in tuneful of each other. Just Wow!
So gifted in your story weaving! Thanks!
5/16 c90 AytiFox
Okaaaaaay, j'ai abandonné 2 lectures mais MAIS, j'ai enfin fini une histoire (Butterfly's Heart, juste incroyable), donc ça mérite un cookie et ce cookie c'est ton hjstoire. Donc, ouais, let's go me mettre à jour !
Merci encore pour la publication régulière !
5/16 c92 Viridian Nightingale
what an intense chapter! great job!
5/2 c91 MasterHarryRiddle
amazing.. so happy. decided to reread the who thing an you kept updating... and i wanted to read the new chapter, but needed 88 to read first... finally got to the end!
i loved remus POv.. and this one intrigues me. i was wondering if Ron would mntion somerhing about his putple eyes in the ministry
4/24 c91 ShannieTheYaoiLover
Another fantastic chapter! I like that Astoria has become a confidant of sorts due to her tie to the Malfoys. I enjoyed the perspective shifts as well as getting to see Harry flourish in both necromancy and his own version of politics. I'm excited to see what happens next!
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