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8/5/2020 c61 Guest
Awwwww them hugging is really cute
8/5/2020 c56 Guest
This story is addictive! Been reading it during my every spare moment for the past few days and enjoying everything immensely. Thank you for writing!
8/5/2020 c64 Sam est classe
Thank you for the chapter !
8/2/2020 c64 hzlanderson
Ooh, that sounds fun!
8/2/2020 c64 Marla1996
‘ Show me. Share with me where you feel safe.'' I really expected for them to appear in the dark lord’a bedroom :)))
8/2/2020 c64 Viridian Nightingale
Fantastic, I can't wait for the interview!
7/26/2020 c63 Iphis94
It took me so long to review this time! The chapter was great as always! I like how you can change the POV but still stay true to every one of your characters.

I'm pleasantly surprised by Sirius' reaction. He is still very protective of Harry, but much more level-headed and that truly makes him a great confidant for Harry. I really liked how Harry decided to come clean to him about his crush too. It's true that he should try to not betray his confidence after all. It's always good to have someone on your side you can trust with anything. Even though I feel like Sirius would find he has a lot in common with Barty too hahaha

As for Dumbledore I can't say I'm exactly surprised by his inner workings and thoughts, though you did his POV masterfully! I sometimes love a well-written Dumbledore-bashing story but in general I am of the opinion he always did what he thought best and he did think he had to stop Voldemort. And Voldemort hasn't given him any reason to change his mind about him and he probably is not going to, so... However he did get me worried about what he is planning to do with Nagini's parts. I'm worried about Nagini actually! I like her so much! But I'm also worried about Dumbledore. I wonder if he is planning to mess with Necromancy too in his quest to find out more. I recall there was this moon that the Oracles turned to to get answers to their questions...
Anyway I looked forward to the next chapter as always!
Much love!
7/23/2020 c63 6SoraMalfoySlythern
love fluffy stuff with tom and harry laughing at how blind dumbs is ! me hope he dies from something dumb like leamon drops or candy or something equles his fault ha! anyways if not oh well I Slytherin love for life so as long the malfoys have good life I'm happy and harry gets his man hahaha anyhow I loving your work next thing u know harry have kinky sex or a leather or lace or both fedish ha! I amuse my self with odd odd plots ha I blam being a 31 year old woman artist with a mind of a adult some times a kid the next lol XD lesson in life kids fun adults are just kids with knowledge and time to mess up before u did.
7/21/2020 c63 1InkTheDemon
I know the summary says slow burn, but w o w.
I've sat here the whole time like 'its happening! They're finally making a move!'
But alas, twas not to be.
Even if I sit here thinking 'just kiss already' the whole time, I can't change the story.
I'm not complaining though. Just observing.
Good story.
Sorry if this review is completely unintelligible by the way...
7/17/2020 c63 15WereBunny87
I love the new chapter so much
7/13/2020 c63 3MissKissMe
Hi, I'm a friend of FiveFatDucks. She has a guest account but forgot I helped her create a Google. We are just waiting on her verification email so you'll be able to pm her later.
7/13/2020 c63 Marla1996
I quite liked your take on Dumbledore’s internal struggles and moral dilemmas. I also loved the irony of him trying to find clues as to V’s plans and whatnot when all he has to do is to look under his own nose. What doesn’t really convince me is Sirius reaction to Harry’s crush. Yes, he had the night to cool off, but the man murdered his best friend... and considering his mental instability...
7/13/2020 c63 kawaiGaby
Thanks for the update great chapter as always! Looking forward to Hogwarts againg and Harry interaction with the slytherins.
7/13/2020 c63 Sam est classe
I'm glad Sirius reacted like that, I was worried he would be...angrier. But he did have time to accept Harry's allegiances, so the next step was'nt impossible to accept.
I feel almost sorry for Dumbledore after this chapter. He's ten step behind Voldemort. It's nice to see him trying to fix things at school, and even for Harry in a way. I'm the first to be infuriated by how he managed young Tom Riddle, and how he did nothing for Harry at the Dursley (not even one visit in ten ten years ?! a boy in cupboard ?!). But except for how he's so bad with abused/with a bad home's life children, I don't know if I would have done better. After all, by his point of view an insane and really powerful wizard wants to bring a new war. And a child helps him stay alive. One life for who know how many...it's terrible but I can understand you know ? The problem is, even if he knew Voldemort really had changed, I'm sure he would continue to fight him. As I see it, in his way he's as much a bigot as some of Tom's followers, but for different things.
Is that strange that I find Barty sweet ? I mean, he's like "Oh, dear, I just killed 3 or 4 people, my Lord will be so disapointed: I had to abort the mission !". Priorities... Voldemort can't dream of a better Right Hand.
I wonder what Kreature is doing. It's suspicious to have him happy and obedient. I hope it won't result in something as bad as in canon.
Thank you for the chapter !
7/12/2020 c63 eria.dmg17041
En definitiva un maravilloso capítulo para ponernos, a los lectores, en una perspectiva más amplia. Se agradece, por supuesto; especialmente porque recuerda que el mundo no son solo Harry y Volddy, y nos permite ver lo que los protas no notan o no desean destacar.
Y el que esté bellamente escrito no duele, .
Gracias GeMerope por otro extraordinario capítulo!
Amé particularmente la charla de Harry y Sirius, que ya venía anticipando. Fue sublime.
Espero leerte pronto, y por favor cuidate!
Ja ne!
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