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2/20 c21 kittyrsocute
The moment where I absolutely adore Karkaroff, is right now.
2/19 c74 Iphis94
Horrid communication skills indeed hahahaha. And to think they even dream together and still failed at it. I also failed at seeing it though. I mean, obviously I knew that moment where Harry said he could love for both was a huge milestone (and you write that whole scene so perfectly well, it has become one of my favorites to go back and reread :D) but there was no relationship talk! But then Voldemort thought he was in a relationship with Regulus because they were sleeping together so...

I was so excited to see Barty! And I can't wait for his plans to sabotage that romance for now with Sirius. Only I still think Sirius will definitely try to sabotage it indefinitely hahaha. And I can't really blame him either.

Also I forgot to mention it in the previous chapter, but I liked a lot how Harry genuinely makes an effort with the Malfoys. Obviously there are on the same side and all, and he wanted to end up with them of course because of that, but still it's nice to see both sides making an effort! And on that matter, Draco's reaction should be hilarious when he learns that Harry is actually dating Voldemort :D I also recall that comment in the Slytherin common room where Harry basically said they had slept together... But I think Draco either never took it seriously after thinking about it or assumed Harry was referring to Sirius whom he also met during Easter... Arguably he had met the Dark Lord before anyways.

As for Narcissa now. I loved, truly loved how you made her a professional dueller. I'm so tired of the social butterfly trope for Narcissa. Not that there is anything wrong with it of course! But it has become a cliche. And also I'm not sure it stands, considering the canon as well. After all, while Lucius was involved in practically every aspect of the wizarding society, Narcissa only showed up in the World Cup and was introduced to Fudge there. It just doesn't add up. Make Lucius the social butterfly hahaha
And her reaction was funny on a while different level. Where Lucius just splattered, she took Harry shopping! Golden even though not exactly what I was expecting!

I guess the date will be covered in the upcoming chapter and can't wait! But take your time to make it as great as all the previous 74 ones :D
Take care! 3
2/17 c23 34'35
i don't know anymore what is happening...
2/16 c8 34'35
What secret? i don't get it...
2/7 c74 4MasterHarryRiddle
i just re-rrad the whole thing.! amazong ! and realize a few details i was missing. you put so much that i forget a frw things and jsmust try to follow from last chapter. sometimes a topic comes to mind thst havent be spoken kn 3 chaptrers and they shock me as i hadnt remember it. now i try to pay more attention to details, thisngs left uncomplete, so i remember next. nut you make such a big thing in chapter that i eould just think of the balll amd forget all about the DA or the aurors or the newspaper... i am keeping track of everything now
2/3 c62 Guest
I always enter to read, but for some reason I always get late in the updates msm always coming back!
2/2 c74 hzlanderson
Yay Dumbleduck POV. ...whenever, which I'm sure will be just as good as the chapters thus far.

Yay Harrymort. Harrymort needs to stay as Harrymort! They're a good match for one another!

Thumbs up, Kudos a million, Hugs, ...um... happy squeals? indifferent shrug because emojis won't show up.
2/1 c74 Sam est classe
How many will understand they're an item ? It will be so fun !
Oh, yeah, I think I'll love Dumbledore reaction to Harry being with the Malfoys.
Thank you for the chapter !
2/1 c74 Kichigai17
Woooo! I've been checking every couple days to see if it's been updated! Thank you so much for continuing to write this story!

I love that they had the relationship talk lol! They are both too precious :D I really like the dynamic btwn Harry and Barty and the tension btwn them over how Barty behaves. I can see it from both sides, which is really great.

Will Harry get into a duel at the ball?! I'd love to see him kick some ass and show everyone he's powerful and worthy of being the Dark Lord's (husband?!) I hope we get to see some powerful Ostsra magic? :) And a kiiiissss! XOXOXO

2/1 c74 kawaiGaby
Nice chapter! Looking forward to the upcoming ball :)
1/31 c74 6SoraMalfoySlythern
me thinking tom killing people for harry's love cute ...no tom bad
.. me but harry it's adroble eh maybe my ideals a little mad woman but eh I can live with it I find it adroble of tom. kill for my love haha. never claimed to be normal.
1/31 c74 FiveFatDucks
I consumed this with my eyeballs so hard I had mental whiplash, it was glorious.
1/31 c74 Princess Me 21
1/31 c74 Viridian Nightingale
1/30 c73 Iphis94
I totally applaud you for how you wrote this chapter! What you wrote in the note is so true after all! I was not surprised at the result of course not. But it was still so gratifying to see the trial take place and the inner workings of it, that it made up for it all the same! I read and re-read all of it so many times!
Btw I liked Harry's speech a lot! He presented himself as more naive that he is, but then he played perfectly to the tune assigned to him. And really so many adults underestimate teenagers that no one batted an eye of course. The other speech that was really well done was Augusta's and that one was true to character. I love strong female figures,is it showing? :D

I laughed a lot with all the convos about the invitation hahaha. Masterfully done truly! I can just picture Voldemort's smirk when he realised yet another attempt at courting had flown over Harry's head completely. As for Lucius... Poor Lucius. He's only just realising what he signed up for with Harry being head over heels for Voldemort and having those feelings reciprocated and him being a Necromancer on top hahaha. I wonder if Narcissa will worry more though. It can't be only Barty and Sirius who worry about a teenager getting involved with the Dark Lord. Also do they know about Regulus? Bellatrix knew, so maybe Narcissa too?

On that point I wonder about Bellatrix. She was mentioned twice in this chapter after all. Are you planning to introduce her in this plot at all? On one hand, she is certainly a wild card the way she was presented in the saga but she always went along with Voldemort's wishes. But in your story she is just a wild card... Sort of? I don't know but she also plays into the strong female figure type and I kind of want to see what she has to say for this all... And mostly I want to see how you are going to represent her :D
Looking forward to the next chapter as always! I'm still waiting for the Barty/Sirius collaboration after all hahaha. Take care! xoxo
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