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1/24 c73 2takenbydarkness
Omg, I found you! A few years ago, I read visitor and loved it. For some reason it really stayed with me, but I could not find it again for a reread. Not only did I finally find it again, you also have this amazing story AND you are still updating it.
Thank you for being so awesome.
1/22 c73 140Smithback
I would love to see hermione there..

anyway, awesome chap
1/17 c73 Sam est classe
Baffled Lucius is so fun.
I love how devious Harry was in the courtroom.
I really like all this chapter, so thank you for it !
1/16 c73 4MasterHarryRiddle
im as excited as harry to shout Barry! wanna keep scrolling to whats next but have no more it
1/15 c73 Guest
I love this story, it’s he best Voldemort x Harry story I know. I’m always so excited when there’s an update!
1/14 c73 Kichigai17
YESSSS I am such a sucker for all the fluff! Voldemort cupping his cheek! Lucius' reaction to knowing they're a couple! Their shock at how Harry and Barty interact and are so close Ahhh! I love this fic! I'm so excited for the Ball! Pleaseeeee let them kids for real!
1/14 c73 hzlanderson
ahahaha, I think everyone was expecting Voldemort. It is nice that it's Barty though, because that game of telephone (or in this case, mirror) tag was getting annoying.
1/13 c73 FiveFatDucks
Harry : I'll be a sweet normal person... barty existing in room (climb ) screech!
1/13 c73 Dan
Hiiii, I've been your fan since the beggining in this story
I like this chapter the most, I believe that Lucius and Harry will found a common ground to be civil enough and actually care a little bit.
Love the endd, hoping to see Mrs Malfoy face now xD
Hugs, with appropriate social distancing!
1/13 c73 6SoraMalfoySlythern
dying for more hope luc will warm up to him maybe they can help with his childhood problems ya know abuse is horble and dumbs really a child never understood dumbs he's one the worst sev just trying to protect the students from danger and everyone at that school crazy for letting kids do a adults job
1/13 c73 4RacySturdivant
I can't wait for Barty to find out Harry in Voldemort's date, it is going to be awesome! At least the reaction in my head is, I have the image of a cartoon mother character slowly turning red and steam coming out of their ears as their eyes bulge. The ranting in profanity about how irresponsible it is, and that they are going to fast followed up by Nagini laughing in the background about mates being for life and Barty should be given to her as a meal because she approved.

Yeah, I'm weirdly detailed on this picture. Sorry. Awesome chapter, I loved the reverse psychology in the courtroom, and the fact that technically Harry did what Dumbledore wanted. It made me smile, I kind of want Harry to be a Dragon animagus and that being the reason he isn't completely turning. Off topic a bit, but it just crossed my mind. Also, it amused me that you kept the Kreature being a Slytherin in there. He really could be a good elf if not for Sirius being a turd to him.

Okay, that was all my points, I think.
1/13 c73 kawaiGaby
I cannot even describe the anticipation I feel whenever there is a new chapter to read! This is by far the best Harry/Voldemort story I have ever read, with so many plots and such a mature writing!
The hearing was perfect. I love it when we we see this manipulative side to Harry!
The necromancy in other chapters is just an amazing bonus ;) and Harry finally knows about the « special » invitation! And Yay Barty’s back! can’t wait for the next update :)
1/13 c73 anateresaamsr
This is a GREAT chapter! The interaction between Dumbledore and Voldemort was amusing, as was Voldemort's perspective of the case. Harry's conversation with Lucius was very well done: it was hilarious but you kept it realistic!
Delightful, from the beginning to the end, I loved it, you are an amazing writer!
1/13 c73 Viridian Nightingale
The interactions between Harry and Lucius gave me life, you write so well
1/13 c73 1ashrk95
Yes! Barty is back, lol. There is so much drama in Lucious's life... Great chapter!
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