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for One Punch Man: Hero's Harem

22h c22 Atlas8
Rotten, flacid, erectile dysfunctional Dicks, to be precise. That's you who you guys are for leaving us on a cliff! Luckily, I have got more chapters to read!
7/2 c16 Atlas8
Man, I think this was the angriest Saitama ever got in the anime. (Well, minus the mosquito shananigans) and it was pretty sick, but then he finished it by calling other Bald and gets told "you're the bald oneba dum TSS* That was comedy gold. This is why I love One Punch Man. It's got some really good comedy, along with great action and good art.
7/2 c16 Atlas8
Bruh. OG Saitama has the sexuality of a potato, so the only acceptable ecchi we can expect is the Yuri kind. Very sed.,)
7/1 c14 Atlas8
Is this what you meant when you said the chapter might be Ecchi? ... PATHETIC! This doesn't even phase the Jr.! Too PG! XP
7/1 c14 Atlas8
E-e-e-e-e-echhi?! Author, you PERV! ಠಠ
7/1 c13 Atlas8
Dayum, that was a good development between Vaccine girl and Saitama.
6/30 c38 ZarkovNw
the story is very good
6/30 c10 Atlas8
What was that sh¡t with Beast queen and Sub queen fighting? It turned into something... weird. Not sure how I feel about the boner I got for some reason.
6/30 c7 Atlas8
Mizuki will be a great addition to the Harem. She's one of the few female characters that I find attractive in One Punch Man. (I mean, more attractive than usual. Most females (and males?) are attractive in OPM manga.)
6/30 c4 Atlas8
I'm not disappointed from the lack of fight that's gonna be the same as canon. I have seen the anime, no need to read it now if it's gonna be the same. Good decision on your part, Author.
6/30 c4 Atlas8
Oh, thank God for your decision. Yeah, no need to turn that monstrosity into a female. It'll still be a monstrosity.
6/30 c3 Atlas8
The actual Fluck?! You wanna Feminise Carnage Kabuto?! WHY?! No no no no no. That sounds like a bad idea.

Other than that, the story do far has been... interesting, to say the least. I'm starting to think this is actually a normal type of fan fic. Not an R18 where Saitama turns into One Thrust Man and all the female monsters get the taste of the real monster. (Coz that's what I was dreading will happen XD) This is, in a way, refreshing.
6/30 c3 Atlas8
I know the show is supposed to be a Comedy one, but that one Mosquito escaping Saitama was really just nonsensical. Unless... That Mosquito also did the Saitama training regim and broke its limiter?! ヽ༼o;༽ノ
6/30 c2 Atlas8
I'm a bit unsure. Is this Saitama the One Punch Man version or the One Thrust Man version? Also, Subterranean Queen is the first servant character, I see. When you said Monster Harem, I wasn't expecting this. But I guess this makes sense.

I guess there's gonna be a lot of genderbending in this fan fic. Not that I'm complaining. This is an AU universe where all these monsters are female. The End.
6/30 c1 Atlas8
Okay, not gonna lie, I was starting to lose faith when I saw Loli, but this is actually pretty good. The humour was really on point. It's just chapter 1. Time to really dig in!
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