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for One Punch Man: Hero's Harem

11/26 c46 EB
Interesting that you have Saitama stay in character of not wanting to be dishonest, I'm interested to see how you handle the Harem aspect of this going forward.
10/6 c47 DarthAsh18
Jist reread this, cant wait fir more
9/19 c47 Fike4B
So, my bro King has arrived
9/16 c46 trottatahiel
Genos: i have something to Say

me: You shut up You miserable whore
9/13 c21 Guest
this is sooo twitter tbh
9/13 c47 Numi2
Is this story still updating, cause its great.
9/8 c24 artiskev
Stop with that kind of dream. Don't do Saitama like that ;-;
8/31 c47 Guest
It is the best fanfic I have read, I encourage you to continue creating stories for good and to finish it
8/30 c28 Totong
Thanks for the great update and please translate more chapters soon! Onwards true believer, excelsior!
8/23 c47 Guest
love it
8/20 c45 DarthAsh18
Vaccine being less than a year old
8/20 c47 rollynolly
I’m more curious about who food tub and splitter are terrified of.
8/20 c26 DarthAsh18
“Pinned you”
*Cap impression* i understood that reference
8/20 c21 DarthAsh18
For a sec i was worried that last letter was of the kys variety and some rando civilian would be ritualistically sacrificed
8/19 c40 2Garou4002
Attention fans of this. If you google this story you will be able to find the art ive been making for it. It’s exciting for me that the stuff ive been drawing is actually showing up on google. My profile picture is the cover for the first chapter if you don’t believe me.
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