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for It Was Going to Be a Long Weekend

5/9 c48 597Ghostwriter
Aww, Jamie. Stuck on light duty and bored as hell. Poor guy. Keep up the great work.
5/9 c48 Callisto's Moon
Ah, that event really freaked Jaime out, didn't it? Poor guy. At this point, I'm thinking it will have to be a big, dramatic event that finally gets Jaime to open up to Alex. He is just too stubborn for anything else to work it seems, as all the small events happening just seem to trigger a "clam up and bury under the covers" reaction...all while saying he's fine, of course.

The bit with Val was fun to read. I always like to read how the squad/Brooke/Catie are reacting to the situation.

Great chapter as always and looking forward to the next one!
4/22 c47 5MelsieR
This was a very hard chapter to read. I started it and stopped many times, before I just plowed through. It made me want to cry.
4/22 c47 Callisto's Moon
Oh no, poor Jaime! That situation is probably one of his deep-set fears. I wonder what it will take to finally get it into Jaime's head that Alex is and will never be anything like his previous fosters.

Excellent chapter and thank you for the time and effort you put into this amazing story!
4/22 c47 597Ghostwriter
Aww poor Jamie. He keeps thinking that he's going to be sent away. I love this dynamic between him and Alex. Keep up the great work.
4/11 c46 Callisto's Moon
Yep, that went exactly how I thought it would. I loved the part where Alex double checks if Jaime will be ok until the morning. Very sweet and protective!

Poor Jaime, though he deserves the punishment. It will be interesting to see Alex manage getting Jaime to places now that he can't ride his bike.
4/10 c46 Ghostwriter
(Giggles) Jamie, he cares about you! That's why he's doing this!
3/28 c45 5MelsieR
Oh my God! Drama! Love it! Jamie is in trouble, haha!
3/28 c45 Callisto's Moon
Uh-oh, someone is in trouble! Of course, with Jaime and this party scenario, how else could it have gone down? Loved the banter between the two of them and I can't wait until we get the story about what happened in the next chapter. Alex can definitely get into dotting father territory whenever Jaime's health is the focus!

Wonderful job as always and thank you for continuing to work on this amazing story!
3/28 c45 597Ghostwriter
Now I'm curious too. Jamie, what did you DO to yourself? Keep up the great work.
3/8 c44 Callisto's Moon
Uh-oh, this apartment-warming event has bad juju written all over it! Perfectly in character for Jaime to want to go to something like this, but I sense some rough waves headed for both Jaime and Alex to weather.

Great chapter and looking forward to the next!
3/8 c44 Ghostwriter
Aww Jamie worrying about Alex just like Alex would be worrying about him. It's adorable and I love it. Well done.
3/8 c44 Guest
Uh-oh! Someone's gonna be in trouble soon! Alex better be feeling better by Saturday night, haha.
2/8 c43 Callisto's Moon
Love to see a new chapter for this story! This was a great, and aptly named, "aftermath" chapter. I feel so sorry for Alex, as he is trying so hard yet feels like he is flailing about...even with making the logical leap of him probably being one of the best, if not THE best, foster father Jaime has ever had. Certainly the one who Jaime has been most attached to. I'm glad he has started talking to the Croms about things, as they had great advice.

Can't wait for the next update! As a funny aside, I actually had a dream a few nights ago about this story updating with a chapter and noticing the word count was around 760,000! You know what my reaction was to seeing that? Pure joy!
2/8 c43 Ghostwriter
Aww poor Alex. He's trying so hard. He'll get it.
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