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11/17 c40 Callisto's Moon
Ah, an update to my favorite In a Heartbeat story! I literally gave a small shout of joy when I saw the notification. You instantly made this a great day for me, so thank you for that.

This chapter was quite heartfelt from Alex. He is showing off just how good at parenting he is; mixing firm, logical rule enforcement with compassion and understanding. Making Jaime finish his homework while starting to open the door to directly talking about core topics that the two of them need to address in the way he did was touching. Perfectly in character for him to do this as well.

Turning attention to Jaime, you really deserve some special kudos for how you write his reactions. It is both frustrating and completely understandable why he is essentially incapable of even talking about the past. His denial/refusal to address it was really his only defense against the pain for a long time and you do an excellent job of conveying that in the storyline and in how Jaime's thoughts play out. It makes me wonder just how things will play out to break down those seemingly insurmountable barriers.

As always, I will eagerly await the next chapter! Thank you for continuing to post this awesome story. Hope you stay safe and healthy.
11/17 c40 5MelsieR
Wow! This chapter was deep. Hopefully, one day Jaime will open up and trust Alex more. I like how you always rap up an intense chapter with a little up beat moment, like doing homework, haha. I hope you are well.
11/17 c40 595Ghostwriter
Awesome job. I'm loving this fic more and more. Keep it up.
10/17 c39 Guest
Its nice that Jamie has good friends! Its great that the squad seems to know everything that's going on with Jamies situation or at least that all of this isn't secret. Can't wait for more. I hope you are well.
9/21 c39 Callisto's Moon
YES, a chapter from one of the squad and I loved every bit of it! Hank's bewilderment at Jaime's behavior was highly amusing. The last part in the end where Hank mentions Jaime watching out for Alex was heart-melting (what can I say, my heart melts easily with regard to anything Jaime or Alex do).

This did exactly what I had been curious about for awhile: conveys a good idea what one of the squad members thinks about the fostering situation. Thanks for this new "third party" chapter, as they are really nice additions to the story occasionally.

You have a good handle on Hank's character and his straight arrow nature contrasts well with Jaime (as well as creating quite funny scenes whenever French comes up!). I am curious now if we will hear anything from Val in the future. We have had scenes with Catie, Tyler, and Hank. Val is the only one of the squad we have had only mentions of, so it would be interesting to have her present in a scene eventually.

Thanks again for posting and looking forward to another chapter!
9/21 c39 Ghostwriter
I love Hank being all brotherly and protective towards Jamie. I wouldn't expect anything less from the "Hero Squad". Love this fic. Keep it up.
9/1 c38 5MelsieR
Aawww! Its really nice to see Jamie excited about something. Also, Alex giving him some freedom back, lets just hope Jamie doesnt screw it up, haha.
8/30 c38 Callisto's Moon
Awww, some father-son bonding activities! Love it. The interaction between these two are so endearing to read.

Can't wait for the next chapter, as usual.
8/30 c38 595Ghostwriter
I'm loving this fic more and more. Well done.
8/23 c37 Ghostwriter
*Chuckles* I love these two. Ugh, Kenny is annoying. Well done.
8/23 c37 Callisto's Moon
This was one of my favorite chapters so far. From the bit about Kenny (giving me even more reason to really hate that guy), to the discussion with Hank giving yet more incite into the mindset of the squad, to the heart-to-heart discussion between Alex and Jaime. It was all absolutely brilliant to read! So many "favorite" parts in this chapter that I can't even list them all. I loved that Jaime had the urge to object to Hank's characterization of Alex's and Jaime's relationship.

Alex's reassurance to Jaime was very touching. They got a couple steps closer in terms of bonding, which gives me all of the warm and fuzzy feelings!

I am curious about the thing that everyone was looking at around Brooke toward the end of the shift though. Wondering if that is foreshadowing something coming up?

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to post this story and looking forward to the next chapter!
8/23 c37 5MelsieR
Loves the bit of drama in this one. Loved that the squad was in it a bit, loved that Alex fixed Jamies insecurities pretty quickly. At this rate, Jamie will be grounded until hes 18, haha.
8/23 c37 1Kayyroseee
Really great chapter! Made me smile to see there was an update. Thank you!
8/3 c36 5MelsieR
Another great chapter! Poor Jamie, always getting into trouble, haha. But, I love his antics. Does this mean that Alex hasnt read the medical file yet? Also, I LOVE that Alexs mother called Jaime her foster grandson! She sounds like alot of fun and like she gets into troubke herself sometimes, haha.
8/1 c36 Callisto's Moon
YES, an update! I'd lost count how many times I've clicked this story's webpage to check if it had updated yet.

As usual, I loved the chapter. It was perfectly in character for Jaime to be messing with expired IV bags, especially since he did that several times in the actual show. Alex's response to it was great: having no tolerance for Jaime's actions, but at the same time wanting to protect him from everyone else outside his office. 10/10 on the "loving and responsible parent" scale there Alex!

Ooooh, the extended family coming into play a bit? The part where the mom instantly accepts Jaime as a new grandson and rapid-fires questions at Alex about what Jaime is like gave my heart the warm, fuzzy feelings! Very interested where you take that plotline. It also makes me wonder how Alex/Jaime would react when people start referring to them as father/son. You know, like someone making a comment when they are out grocery shopping.

Just want to say thank you for the time you take to post this story. Reading it always makes my day even better and puts me in a great mood, so thank you for sharing. It also makes me feel like the series got a second season; the story is that good! Looking forward to the next chapter the way I looked forward to a new episode of the actual show all those years ago.
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