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for It Was Going to Be a Long Weekend

8/30/2020 c38 597Ghostwriter
I'm loving this fic more and more. Well done.
8/23/2020 c37 Ghostwriter
*Chuckles* I love these two. Ugh, Kenny is annoying. Well done.
8/23/2020 c37 Callisto's Moon
This was one of my favorite chapters so far. From the bit about Kenny (giving me even more reason to really hate that guy), to the discussion with Hank giving yet more incite into the mindset of the squad, to the heart-to-heart discussion between Alex and Jaime. It was all absolutely brilliant to read! So many "favorite" parts in this chapter that I can't even list them all. I loved that Jaime had the urge to object to Hank's characterization of Alex's and Jaime's relationship.

Alex's reassurance to Jaime was very touching. They got a couple steps closer in terms of bonding, which gives me all of the warm and fuzzy feelings!

I am curious about the thing that everyone was looking at around Brooke toward the end of the shift though. Wondering if that is foreshadowing something coming up?

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to post this story and looking forward to the next chapter!
8/23/2020 c37 5MelsieR
Loves the bit of drama in this one. Loved that the squad was in it a bit, loved that Alex fixed Jamies insecurities pretty quickly. At this rate, Jamie will be grounded until hes 18, haha.
8/23/2020 c37 1Kayyroseee
Really great chapter! Made me smile to see there was an update. Thank you!
8/3/2020 c36 5MelsieR
Another great chapter! Poor Jamie, always getting into trouble, haha. But, I love his antics. Does this mean that Alex hasnt read the medical file yet? Also, I LOVE that Alexs mother called Jaime her foster grandson! She sounds like alot of fun and like she gets into troubke herself sometimes, haha.
8/1/2020 c36 Callisto's Moon
YES, an update! I'd lost count how many times I've clicked this story's webpage to check if it had updated yet.

As usual, I loved the chapter. It was perfectly in character for Jaime to be messing with expired IV bags, especially since he did that several times in the actual show. Alex's response to it was great: having no tolerance for Jaime's actions, but at the same time wanting to protect him from everyone else outside his office. 10/10 on the "loving and responsible parent" scale there Alex!

Ooooh, the extended family coming into play a bit? The part where the mom instantly accepts Jaime as a new grandson and rapid-fires questions at Alex about what Jaime is like gave my heart the warm, fuzzy feelings! Very interested where you take that plotline. It also makes me wonder how Alex/Jaime would react when people start referring to them as father/son. You know, like someone making a comment when they are out grocery shopping.

Just want to say thank you for the time you take to post this story. Reading it always makes my day even better and puts me in a great mood, so thank you for sharing. It also makes me feel like the series got a second season; the story is that good! Looking forward to the next chapter the way I looked forward to a new episode of the actual show all those years ago.
8/1/2020 c36 597Ghostwriter
*Snickers* These two crack me up. I love it. And of COURSE Jamie would do something like drop I.V.s off of a roof. *Shakes head* Keep up the great work.
6/28/2020 c35 Callisto's Moon
Another awesome chapter. Loved reading Alex's insistence on caring for Jaime's arm and his trademark "this is how it is" approach to dealing with Jaime's resistance to being taken care of with regard to himself and the money issue. Reading Jaime's thoughts on how he is trying to figure out what normal is was great.

The pacing of this story is really exceptional. Too often, stories (both fan-made and books/tv series/etc.) go way too fast that the development of the characters just feels false. They either seem to become totally different people in no time at all or they forget everything they learned and stay stuck. You manage to capture a gradual evolution that feels natural, which is no small feat to do!

Can't wait for another chapter! Great to hear that you have plans for the squad in the story, so I'll be very exciting to read what happens with that!
6/28/2020 c35 Ghostwriter
Aww poor Jamie. Yes, Jamie, buying clothes is normal. Keep up the great work.
6/14/2020 c34 Callisto's Moon
*Inserts apology over the length of the review...Sorry, I like to ramble! TLDR version: chapter rocks, can't wait to see how stuff plays out, I muse about some stuff, and this story is awesome!*

Yes, new chapter! Love the fact that Alex has met his mentors and they do seem like nice people. The phone idea occurred to me while reading through past chapters, so that was a delight seeing it in the story. Alex's dilemma over how much to say to them and his respect for Jaime's privacy is definitely a sticky situation. It will be very interesting to see how it plays out.

The dynamic between Jaime and Alex was exceptionally nice to read here, coming off the bumps and anxiety over Alex now knowing some of Jaime's past in the last few chapters. The bedspread and Jaime bringing his guitar was quite sweet! Alex might have just had smile "tugging at his lips", but I was in full on grin mode reading that.

As an aside, I've been wondering about something for quite a few chapters, but I'm finding myself quite curious about how the rest of the squad is reacting to the current events. One of the reasons why I liked the show so much was the dynamic between the main four teen EMTs. It was great seeing them value each other as teammates and get into antics that showed off their friendship. Anyway, the last mention of the living situation between Alex and Jaime by one of the squad was Tyler's comment on whether any murdering and closet stuffing had been happening back in chapter 25. This leads me to wonder if the squad still thinks of the dynamic between Alex and Jaime as the old, primarily adversarial one they had before. Like they have it in their heads that Alex and Jaime are just avoiding each other as much as possible and are acting...well, like two annoyed cats who don't like each other and are forced into the same room. While the two are still on the road to a deeper bond, it is still obvious they both like the living situation, are happy with it, and like being around the other.

Now, having said all that, I know Jaime and Alex are the focus of this story (as they should be). However, if you get the urge to do another outside perspective chapter like you did with Sonja in the future, choosing one of the squad could be very enlightening for both a view on Jaime and Alex's evolving bond and a look into the squad's mindset.

...Ok, I'll shut up here and end by saying how awesome this story is and how much I am looking forward toward the next chapter! :)
6/14/2020 c34 Ghostwriter
*Snickers at the end* They already sound like father/son. I love it. Well done.
6/1/2020 c33 5MelsieR
This is cute. Poor Jamie, it will take a long time or something really big for him to trust again. Cant wait for more.
5/29/2020 c33 Callisto's Moon
Good progress chapter. That moment when Jaime reacted so intensely to Alex's hand was fitting yet heartbreaking. Alex is really showing off his hidden parent skills here, as his handling of the situation was perfect...and I loved the threat of inflicting his taste with shopping for things on Jaime! Baby steps are good things, though I swear if/when this story gets to an emotional father/son hug, I will be a crying mess in front of my laptop.

Awesome job and can't wait for the next chapter!
5/29/2020 c33 597Ghostwriter
*Shakes head* Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Our lovable rebel. Get it through your thick head. Alex...is...NOT...going...ANYWHERE! Well done. I'm loving this more and more. Keep it up.
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