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for The Vanquisher of Grindelwald

12/11/2022 c1 god eater
good start, could use a little polishing in choice of words and structure. using "got" should instead be "become or became" because it had different uses and rather breaking in the sentence
3/18/2021 c22 Gurgaraneth
Love it
3/14/2021 c21 Gurgaraneth
Love it
3/1/2021 c2 9QueenErynn
ProclaimerofHeroes here from Reddit R&R, I read both the prologue and part one, and I'm glad I did before leaving a review. The prologue and beginning felt like just a wall of text that I had to get through. Don't get me wrong, I am glad I did read through and I very much enjoyed Tom and Dumbledore, but it was a bit much to get to. I wish I could give you a way to reconstruct it otherwise, but I can't think of any. Everything is needed and succinct and one you do get into it you want to read it, and I'm interested to see where this rabbit hole leads.
2/8/2021 c20 Gurgaraneth
Love it
2/1/2021 c19 Gurgaraneth
Love it

Ooh who’s playing the new dark lord is it albus
1/22/2021 c18 Gurgaraneth
Love it
1/21/2021 c18 Croonable
What just happened?
1/21/2021 c16 Gurgaraneth
Love it
1/19/2021 c15 Gurgaraneth
Love it
7/21/2020 c14 realanonymouscinnamonroll
oooooh this is good can't wait for morr
1/19/2020 c14 Ridergal
Finished reading all 14 chapters, it was a very engaging read. Like how you craft this alternate Riddle's world. Will be looking forward to how the story progresses.
11/18/2019 c14 Gurgaraneth
Love it
11/2/2019 c13 Mamy 83
Wouah ! Mais comment j'ai fait pour ne pas tomber sur cette histoire avant. Elle est tout simplement originale, fantastique et passionnante. En plus, c'est mis à jour régulièrement, j'ai vraiment hâte de lire la suite
4/21/2019 c13 Gurgaraneth
Love it

Poor tom dont worrk harry will still love u tom

Home will gets his wand snaped nd azcaban
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