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4/10 c57 Nonoju
Damn, this chapter made me cry :(: well done. I look forward to whatever you have planned!
3/18 c58 1Twisted Pxl
I enjoy this story so far and can't wait to find out who the other Potters will be. I know that one of them will have better Dursley Relatives and wonder how those act compared to the other four. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the other Potters has it where Neville is targets instead of Harry making Neville the Boy-Who-Lived since there were two possible targets.

I like the setting for this story where 7 different AU's come together to help each other out. Would be interested in seeing this type of story played out for a series that already has different AU's. One such series would be Fate/Stay Night which has 3 different timelines going for it.

Wouldn't be surprised if there were more like this somewhere but haven't come across any of them yet.
2/25 c12 10feauxen
On second viewing, it’s pretty obvious that the Keystone Council has more ways of communicating than a few psychic kids (why exactly are these kids psychic anyway, James clearly isn’t and never was) and a meeting room that’s impossible for non-potters to access.

Which makes me wonder whether Voldemort isn’t a thing in the two as-yet inactive realities or if Voldemort was just more successful in those realities. So far, at least one out of six toddlers got crushed under debris after all, and this situation means that the prophecy can come true without involving Neville even with a dead subject.
2/8 c58 12Khimaera
Thanks for the reading. I had never read this concept before and you got it really well. I'm looking forward the next chapters.
2/6 c58 Motherofthehorde
Great story.
Hope you are well.
Thanks for writing.
1/30 c50 ProditorMagnus
Blood curse is not canon. Though it also showed up in one other fanfic I have seen.
1/27 c58 1rey29
Damn I have been binging this story. I apologize I forgot to review chapters as in my haste to see more of the story.
This story is well written, I like the concept of 5 HP know each other. At first I was sceptical you know, because as far as I concern other Harry was just like OC. But I grow captivated. The characterization between the five are well thought out with good exposition of their respective backgrounds. Spellforged and Rose seems to become the older siblings between the five. Not to mention both of them fairly powerful in their own right. I hope to see more of Marigold research, and how Seeker handle his world. Chaser seems to be well and safe enough.
How does Bellatrix break out of Azkaban? Animagus then? I wonder why Quirrel's wife (the so called hater of anything Dark Arts) decided to work with Bellatrix. I mean even if she knows Quirrel are being held by Dumbledore, it does not justify her working with arguably one of the most infamous Dark Witch in Britain recent history. I hope future chapter will shed some light
I want to see more of this story but please take care your time. I don't mind waiting as long as you do not give up on this fic. Stay safe!
1/15 c58 Mark Sinfield
1/14 c58 pinks99
Love the omage to Grudge!
1/14 c57 pinks99
Thanks for explaining Marigold's song.
1/14 c56 pinks99
(: Thanks!
1/14 c55 pinks99
I'm deeply curious about Marigold's memory.
1/14 c54 pinks99
Not at all what I was expecting-I wonder what the regent does?
1/14 c53 pinks99
Wonder what a goblin possessed by Tom will be like.
1/14 c52 pinks99
Love throwing money as a weapon!
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