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11/30 c59 45Ashera fanfics
Probably the best HP fanfic I've read. I hope one day you get the time and will to finish it, but it was a great ride anyway. The last chapter leaves it open ended so we can imagine the rest of the story.
10/24 c1 Guest
Wow what a terrible chapter 1. No chance am I reading this story
10/8 c57 dianaanne
I really hope you finish this story; it’s unique and well-written.
10/1 c58 13Freddie Rindklip
This fic has not been updated in a while. I hope life and your muse let you get back to it. If not, I did get reading enjoyment from what is posted.
9/30 c45 Freddie Rindklip
I read this fic some time back. It seems Lord Hillyer is a parslemouth. It is a worthwhile fic to re-read.
9/30 c9 11LWJ2
I've been enjoying this story very much; you're to be congratulated, it has more plots-within-plots and plot turns than the television show ALIAS did. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Cheers from the First Colony.

9/30 c35 Goldrune09
Poor Astoria
9/29 c39 13Freddie Rindklip
I like how Luna found about the connection between the 5.
9/27 c13 Vesp
Ciekawe połączenie sf i fantasy-dlaczego skoro we wszystkich światach są oddani pełnomocnicy,niezależni od Dumbla,nikt nie zainteresował się życiem Rose,Marigold i Harrego u Dursleyów? Dlaczego nikt nie wkroczył wcześniej?
9/27 c19 Freddie Rindklip
The old wards are a real kick in the read for Potters at the Dursleys.
7/30 c59 her-my-own
Awesome story! I hope to see more.
One small criticsome of the spells used in the first and second year are too advanced. They wouldn't have taught them yet unless Chaser or Spellforged passed it along from early tutoring
7/22 c57 Keronshara
The scene with Marigold & Sirius talking about her Harry's death was definitely a tearjerker. *mutters about stupid, mean authors that make their readers cry*
7/22 c59 Keronshara
After reading "Who Dares Wins", which was updated 5 months more recently than this fic, I had to read another of your unfinished stories that's gone over a year without updates. I swear I'll never learn.

This is a very interesting story so far. I've never come across anything like this story idea before. The closet thing I can think of is if the Spider-verse movies (or other multi-verse storylines) tuned-in to each other's frequencies without having the portals/breaches that occur in those stories. It makes me very curious where this story idea came from.
7/21 c38 Keronshara
Error: You have Chaser's Hogwarts run by HeadMISTRESS Dumbledore not HeadMASTER.
7/21 c17 Keronshara
The things out of left field - are they out of left field for you, the readers, or both? [I'm told cheeky, unpredictable characters is the treasure and bane of every fiction writer.]
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