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1/14 c54 pinks99
Not at all what I was expecting-I wonder what the regent does?
1/14 c53 pinks99
Wonder what a goblin possessed by Tom will be like.
1/14 c52 pinks99
Love throwing money as a weapon!
1/14 c51 pinks99
Now I want a Goblin/Klingon-Ferengi story.
1/14 c50 pinks99
Love Marigold's character!
1/14 c46 pinks99
1/14 c45 pinks99
1/14 c43 pinks99
Poor Seeker.
1/14 c42 pinks99
Nice ending with Salazar!
1/14 c40 pinks99
Wow, that was a great chapter!
1/14 c39 pinks99
I really like Bill's role in this chapter.
1/13 c38 pinks99
I liked the story about Slytherin.
1/13 c36 pinks99
Love the end scene with Lockhart.
1/13 c22 pinks99
Interesting twist!
1/13 c20 pinks99
I like this Ron.
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