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1/13 c17 pinks99
The knife was a big surprise!
1/13 c15 pinks99
Great scout work!
1/13 c14 pinks99
Great chapter! One note: Madam Bones is sometimes called "Ariana" instead of Amelia.
1/13 c12 pinks99
Ooo, a mystery!
1/12 c8 pinks99
Oh man, that was a great chapter!
12/10/2020 c58 Guest
Hey! I've been smashing this one out because I've been so nostalgic of the fanfiction classics. You're doing a fucking fantastic job and I desperately want to read more! Thank you so so much.
12/6/2020 c58 Cassandra30
Excellent ideas! The truth is something Dumbledore doesn't like to spread around. But getting Madame Quirrell in there to see her husband and telling her the truth would have been the only thing that could have stopped this.
Nobody trusts Dumbledore because he doesn't tell people what they need to know.
12/6/2020 c57 Cassandra30
Awesome! Poor Madame Quirrell. I would have hoped someone had explained what happened to her.
12/3/2020 c48 3theaceoffire
Oh my God, you now got access to five dobbies!

The Galaxy will never be the same!
11/29/2020 c58 Guest
I just can't see WonWon as a cat person. Krups, maybe, but not cats.

I feel sorry for QQ's wife. Maybe she'll know how to get Tom out of his head.

Heh, so to my admittedly inattentive eye it looks like you're going to pair each of the Harry/Harriettes off with a different troupe character, eh?
11/29/2020 c57 Guest
Isn't it amazing how SO, SO, SO many people voted against that orange thug?
11/29/2020 c56 Guest
This chapter has one of my favorite fanfic scenes ever in it: Neville, Susan, Hermione, and Rose all welcoming the new firsties in a very practical manner by drying them off.

I wonder if Marigold's brother Harry is actually really dead.
11/28/2020 c58 WearyCurmudgeon
- Halloween
Rose could also have mentioned that nearly every society had their day remembering the dead

All Hallows' Eve, Day of the Dea (Mexico), Samhain, Calan Gaeaf, Totenfest, Thursday of the Dead (Levant), Pitri Paksha, Yulan Festival, Obon and I'm sure that I've missed others.

- Worth the risk
And there are the Old Wether's blinders again. Who cares about all the innocent who are put at risk or harmed by things going wrong, as long as he can "redeem" someone back to the light. (As in this case, chucking them both through the Veil of Death would be For the Greater Good. Far more so than messing with the Potters, which Dumbles thinks is excusable for some reason, whereas the Veil approach isn't.)

Echoes of Year 6 with Draco and students getting hurt because of it, including the DE raid as well.

Somebody is well deserving of a "Penance Stare" imnsho.
About the only way you'd get that level of Stupid out of his system.

As for Albus having had plans. Not sure if that's really credible, considering how badly he kept screwing up in canon. Well, to be clearer, he was either screwing up or his actions were deliberate and if the latter than he couldn't be considered good aligned, considering he repeatedly put his students in harms way.

11/28/2020 c58 Technoboots
Never mind, posted the previous review before I'd finished the chapter. Loving the story so far especially how events in one timelone can affect the others.
11/28/2020 c58 Technoboots
You wouldn't happen to be a Star Trek Discovery fan would you? That 2 year old Maine Coon with a thyroid problem called Grudge seems very familiar. Nice Easter Egg if I've guessed right.
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