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for KHR X Assassination Classrom

7/23 c5 Guest

Since you got a roadblock, and I don’t mean this in a mean way or anything, but I wanted to give a suggestion,

Why don’t you have Tsuna get emancipated because of what he inherited and have him save Koro-Sensei, then have Class E be overprotective of Tsuna and protect him when Tsuna wants to stay in Japan since legally he doesn’t have to go back to Italy, then have everyone whose not in the main part of Vongola (CEDEF counts but Varia doesn’t) become good friends and by the time they realize their mistake, Tsuna had moved on to the point where their apologies wouldn’t mean a thing to him, then as an ending chapter have Tsuna and Byakuran eating cake when Class E and the wraiths arrive to drag them back to paperwork, since that’s why they ran away, also Tsuna should make a Mafia/vigilante organization that involves Class E, Koro-Sensei and Karasuma

Sorry that was really long and you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to but I had to get the idea out of my head or I wouldn’t be able to sleep!

6/21 c5 Guest
Sigue con la historia por favor
4/21 c2 Kurosaki Yukia
Oh man Karma calling Tsuna his brother is just FEELINGS!
2/16 c5 Dman4869
Ty for ur hard work! Half a billion dollars! Tsuna don't need to kill korosensei now he got almost 5x that amount. I hope u can still continue this! :)
4/7/2019 c5 Guest
It's okay, take your time, we'll be waiting for you!
8/27/2018 c5 26917brat
I am so curious as to what you are going to have happen next so I hope you can get rid of the roadblock you have hit, and if I can help please in some way please let me know, because so far this had been one amazing story.
7/2/2018 c4 alicia7788
6/30/2018 c4 1ShamelessYeXiu
Haha, so cool of you to actually make it into a story. It's okay if you don't upload soon, kinda know that you never planned to take this further from when you posted it on your one-shot story. Nono's guardians are the best, at least Tsuna isn't alone. Thanks for writing this
6/25/2018 c1 HanaOtakuR27
So excited for the next chapter~
6/25/2018 c2 13foxchick1
Curios to see what happens next.
6/24/2018 c1 foxchick1
Can't wait to see what happens next.

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