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for The Sanguine Heresy

2/10/2021 c1 forged in fire
makes sense just not what i expected bye
8/19/2018 c1 Guest
How much does anyone want to bet the Lamenters are still a thing, still Loyalist, and are still the unluckiest yet simultaneously the nicest guys in all of Warhammer, because something tells me the 40k universe isn’t kind enough to just let these guys be the bad guys, because that would mean they would have at least one chaos god backing them in some form, and we all know nice things do not happen to the Lamenters.
6/26/2018 c1 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
I’m pretty sure the Desert Fangs win flat out, considering the fact that their members are basically humanoid geller field generators last time I checked, so yeah, you have an entire legion of pissed off pariahs riding giant cyborg tarantula’s, I don’t think Werewolf Vikings or a bunch of really angry guys who are so metal they put nails in their skulls can compare. Speaking of which, did Angron just learn how to cope with the Butcher’s Nails, or did he get them removed somehow, seeing as magic was never out lawed I could see Magnus finding a way to get rid of them, possibly in an attempt to help show the Imperium how useful Magic could be by ridding a fellow Primarch of a condition he’d been suffering under for life. Also do the Desert Fangs hate the Sky Serpents for what they did to Voralia, or did that not happen here? How exactly has the Imperiums stances on magic and Psykers in general changed considering you have a least one legion that relies heavily on them, and another that could easily supress any problems that may arise by just sending some marines and just have them stand in the general vacinity and shot all the confused psykers who are busy wondering why their magic isn’t working? Why did the traitor legions fall? The Raven Guard and Blood Angels were explained, and the Dark Angels fall can likely be attributed to Lion’s paranoia, but why the salamanders, going from their general opinions and beliefs I’d honestly think they’d more likely follow Nurgle since despite all he does, one of his goals is the preservations or life (it’s just when he wants to preserve life, he also wants to preserve the life of all the diseases and parasites that will inevitably infest your still living corpse if you follow him)? Why did the Iron Hands rebrand as the Crimson Hands, and the Sons of Horus as the Black Legion? Very effective opening considering all the questions it raises, and it’s defiantly the best alternate Hersey story I’ve read so far (and also the first), though I have to ask, do something with it beyond just having everything remain in a state of “everything is shit” that the 40k universe has remained in for a couple years now. Either have the Imperium finally collapse forcing the characters to try and deal with it, or have something happen to tip the balance of power in the opposite direction, please, this status quo shit that W4K has been maintaing for years now is getting old.

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