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for The Sewing Circle Job

11/5/2020 c1 64Loopylou
Omg Wrath of Eliot damn near made me choke on my coffee.
10/6/2018 c1 20blueskydog
This is adorable! I love the intricate explorations of everyone's characters. The idea of Parker sneaking into Hardison's place and this eventually turning into movie nights, and Hardison's perception of this being Perfectly Good, are so sweet.
The build-up to the reveal of what had happened was priceless. And the final note of the smoke detector dying on the floor...
Also..."making pretzels"...lol
Overall another great addition to the fandom! I always love your takes on the characters!
8/14/2018 c1 CeceTheFandomQue
This was so in character and accurate it’s kinda creepy. I feel like I just watched an actual episode so, awesome job!
7/13/2018 c1 7Herdcat
This story was so adorable! I love their bickering/affection and Parker sneaking onto Hardisan's couch in the cold weather but then leaving before he wakes up is so in character. I also love grumpy Eliot.
7/8/2018 c1 29A Smiling Cat
It's really cute, I loved it ! I like the friendship this three share in the show. Hardison should really have known to better explain what trust fall means. At least they can always count on Eliot !
Thank you for sharing.
7/3/2018 c1 1novisha.rivera.1
That line about the "Sewing Circle", absolutely golden
6/30/2018 c1 Bloodskye1512
Oh, I do enjoy good writing and well done humor. They seem so rare sometimes. Please write more for us?
6/29/2018 c1 Guest
Haven’t been in here for ages. Glad to read your story. Love P/H. Relationship goal
Nice story
6/26/2018 c1 8Pacacapa
I love this so much! You nailed the characters, as usual, and you did a fantastic job capturing the flavor of humor that makes the show so much fun to watch. There were so many things I enjoyed, so here's the machine-gun version.

I loved how Hardison failed so miserably to nonchalantly invite Eliot over. He truly is a terrible liar, hilariously terrible. Of course Parker would be blunt enough to just come out and say it with no tact at all. Funny how Eliot's first question after he arrived was not why Hardison's head was bleeding, or where the supplies were so he could fix it, but why the kitchen was on fire. And Hardison has been spending too much time around Parker, because now HE is attributing animal adjectives to Eliot's moods! :) "You were showing me what a demented lawn flamingo looks like when it falls over."
Great touch with Parker getting cold in her warehouse and coming to sleep at Hardison's place. That was a very sweet and appropriate way for both of them to bond. I also really like how you have had Eliot take Parker under his wing, sort of mentoring her mentally and physically. I personally think he's a much better mentor than Archie Leach. "If I have to come back over here during the playoffs, I will remove [the stitches] with my katana."

A pleasure to read, as always. Thank you for posting!
6/24/2018 c1 Guest
Oooooh this is really gooood. Pretzels are always my favorites. I want to see those two dragging Sophie to “fix them “!
Thank you for sharing
Life always need more Pretzels
6/24/2018 c1 24sapienlover
What. A. JOY. Each character is pitch-perfect, especially seeing as it's early pretzel-time. Eliot's snark, Parker's unabashed, straightforward world where good friends have a sewing circle to stitch each other up (ohhh, the mental image!) and poor Hardison trying to deal with his poor, bleeding head.

And I just LOVE the idea that he would buy Star Trek concept art, because I would too.

Oh, and Parker's being freaked out by Hardison's pupils being exactly the same size. Yeah. That is so Parker.

Loved this. Thank you.
6/24/2018 c1 Kimberley
Always in for some Pretzels moments
Thank you for sharing. Great job

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