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5/16 c38 2TheSlySage
great chapssss
5/16 c35 TheSlySage
this can literally only end in harem route lol Sexy Selka, Adorable Akame, Exquisite Esdeath... and they aren't the only ones probs but the main three
5/16 c34 TheSlySage
damnnnnnnnn Shirou melt that Icy heart! lol

Esdeath is scary as hell but... also cute as fuck. and sexy. definitely sexy.
5/14 c38 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
5/14 c38 Jjaramillo0910
U should show off shiro’s cooking skills
5/13 c38 2itsmericky9
5/12 c38 Rialga
Ah yes, yet another mess to clean up for Shirou... and one of his own making, ha ha. Hindsight is slapping him hard in the face now!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
5/12 c38 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
short but good
5/12 c38 E
Heh, Akame and Leone sure as heck aren’t going be happy when they find out and they are going blame Bulat for it too.

Going get much worse when the females find out about his deal to basically pimp Shirou out to Esdeath too, their gazes probably would be cold enough to frozen TYPE Mercury.
5/12 c38 3rick12
Well, that was fun.

I found it hilarious that Chelsea was almost Akame's dinner when the former was disguised as a panther cub. With Susanoo's distraction, Bulat being a scapegoat since he's trying to see back the hole he made in Shirou's tent, and Akame, Mine, and Leone being suspicious of her (but not too suspicious to stop her), Chelsea was able to make it into Shirou's tent to have an audience with him.

Chelsea made absolute sure that she didn't dare look at him when making her request, and that she addresses him respectfully and raise her hands to show that she means no harm. She makes her plea for Shirou to help her and her allies at their time of need when Esdeath is literally massacring the Revolutionary Army out of her desire to make Shirou love her. Chelsea says that if he helps them, she and her allies can be helpful to his rise to the throne and all that jazz. Of course, she starts to mumble incoherently from nervousness and stress.

Shirou does tell Chelsea that he'll see what he can do, accepting her plea for aid. Reasons Shirou accepted Chelsea's request are that he will save peoples' lives, get recruits from the Revolutionary Army (or what remains of it) for his cause to the Empire, and usurp control over the Revolutionary Army from the corrupt leadership. The last two reasons are ideas from Chouri, and Chelsea's request was an ideal opportunity for Shirou to use.

Chelsea sees that Shirou is a kind individual and leader, and she asks if this kind of person was able to exist in this corrupt and fucked-up world. This moved her. However, Susanoo's body was thrown into Shirou's tent, and she realized that if she doesn't get out of there, Shirou's guards will murder both her and Susanoo on the spot. Too bad she doesn't have the time for escape.

Thus, Shirou offers her his protection from his guards. Chelsea justs sees his charisma, his natural ability to put his trust in others, and everything about him that screams kindness. All of that moved Chelsea deeply, causing a lump to develop in her throat that made it hard to swallow. Again, she asked herself, this kind person really exists here. This is causing her to develop intense loyalty to Shirou. Tentatively, Chelsea accepts his benevolent graciousness, not wanting to die young.

Let's see what will happen next chapter.

Great chapter as always, Parcasious. Hope to see more~.
5/12 c38 4Xeno01
Description of Esdeath: Sweet but psycho
Nice to see Leo in big sister mode.

Now Shirou will have to remedy the mess he created.
While he makes a good impression on many girls, I hope the story doesn't end in a harem just because he's an emperor, I would really like to see love blossom between him and Akame.

Considering that he has extended his influence to both the empire and Wakoku, I hope he creates some scientific and civil revolution with his knowledge of the modern world.
5/12 c38 Tobeeornottobe
Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/12 c38 1Re-ghal
5/12 c38 KiriaMizuno
if i had heard what chelsea said about being massacred because of a maidens love and i am the reason for that i would definitely facepalm and mutter something stupid along the line of the world is fucking with me
5/12 c38 Poharan
This is the kind of scene when i really want Akame kill Chelsea just because want manipulate Shirou.
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