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for Fate: Kill

9/8 c52 26Cyricist001
Uh, this was...abrupt? Not gona lie, the ending is a bit of a let down, after investing so much time and effort in writing this story, to end it all on a cliff-hanger kills a lot of desire to reread it again.
9/5 c53 landonferguson191
i feel as though this cut short.
9/2 c52 eliaspeverell
This is a great read, with different moments of highs and lows. Loved the final act.

Thanks and congratulations for finishing this amazing story.
8/31 c52 spehain
Thank goodness we at least got to see them kiss

This was an amazing story parcasious, and you are an amazing author. keep up the good work.
8/31 c53 Lazy Servant
Thanks for this.
Good luck and have fun with your future proyects.
8/29 c52 AdrianVnz
Ahhhhh, forget Sword Order, i almost forgot but if there is one fic that should be updated more often is Alternative Records! At least until the point we get to see all the realms please!

Also congrats on finishing another fanfic, that is quite rare these days so its a big archievement even if you will write a sequel of sorts.
8/29 c53 5PoofyOhio
A fitting ending I suppose, loved it a lot. This was a fantastic read and it didn’t end in a harem, so I’m happy.

I honestly don’t have many complaints, and the ones I do have are more nitpicks and based on preference instead of any objective logic.

If you haven’t read the story and are just checking out the reviews, read it. Seriously, it’s great stuff.
8/28 c53 Cross69
holy shit it was a great journey
8/27 c53 Guest
hopefully it's stay cooking, it's the most fun out of the 3 imo
8/27 c53 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
great story
8/27 c52 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
way to go akame
8/27 c53 AdrianVnz
Honestly i think it would have been good if you wrote those sidestories since quite a few thing feel unfinished, like how the romance gets resolved (or another minor one but how serious is Leone for example? and when exactly did she fall for him? i think it was when he saved her in the capital from the ambush/explosions).

BTW i vote for Sword Order xD

Also if you write the original web novel be sure to mention it on all your updates/new chaptrs once is posted, and try to not get overworked writing.
8/27 c52 Nuji44
If you wanna make things more interesting perhaps you could include some of the characters from the pseudo-sequel series Hinowa ga CRUSH! especially since that series got cancelled before the storyline was properly resolved.
8/26 c53 Guest
I vote for Sword Order
8/26 c53 Super98
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