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for Fate: Kill

4/3 c26 tylerbraden13
Love it and cant wait for more. Fight the power and cripple the oppressors
4/3 c26 Rodenmar
Nice Grand Blue reference.
4/3 c26 1Gadget boy
That final order really drives home just how pissed Shirou is at that moment.

Really great to see the wheels of Destiny rolling as Shirou finally gets some much needed answers on why Calla wouldn't mobilize unless he himself made his final decision of claiming the Throne.

Looking forward to see the explosions that will undoubtedly occur at the next chapter.
4/3 c26 6Rankin de Merthyr
Yeaaah! Kick their ass Selka!
4/3 c26 elrios1999
que capitulo despues de un largo tiempo ya quiero leer y ver como continua a travesia de shirou sera interesante el heroe sin nombre emiya shirou saludos
4/3 c26 1Adragonoid75
4/3 c26 mistersnx
Death to slavers, hail to soon to be king Shirou start in the calital
4/3 c26 victorsan12345
I don't think I'm going to change my opinion about Elaine and the villagers. They are all worthless bastards. Their justifications are just bad.
4/3 c26 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
4/2 c25 1John Aiden Sullano
Author, please continue this amazing story. People are hyping with how Shirou is OP in the Akame ga kiru world.
3/30 c25 Guest
Please update this one next. Love your stories.
3/28 c25 8Falia7
So, just a few things: first, this is overall well written and feels well-thought-out. I'm not actually familiar with the Akame series, so I can't say anything on proverbial realism on that front, but Shirou is very believable in his characterization.

On a more grammar-nitpick side of things:
weary: tired, worn
wary: hesitant, uncertain, or suspicious

There are a few other minor grammar issues, mostly in ways that make me wonder if you ever use a speech recognition program given the spelling differs but the sound is the same, but the only consistent error is that you regularly use 'weary' when 'wary' is the appropriate word. This is, of course, minor enough not to detract from the overall story, but I do notice it.
3/28 c25 3Xeno01
Honestly, Nyau should just die, as in the end he is just a sadist who tears apart people's faces.
3/26 c25 1Fyr RedNight
I'm very much enjoying this story.

I'm curious to know how it'll go from there!
3/25 c25 1Wicked.A
Nice chapter
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