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6/14 c27 1Gadget boy
Looks like next chapter is going to be one hell of a beat down! I can hardly wait to see Shirou going full on against some of the Empire's top fighters.
6/13 c27 Silber D. Wolf
6/13 c27 RoyalTwinFangs
Okay chapter.
6/13 c27 1PanickingNoob
Nice chap, drunk Selka is interesting to said the least.
6/13 c27 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
them the breaks
6/13 c27 Gabriel1901
Aún borracha selka no vaciló en batalla, es una gran guerrera
Pudieron salvar a las chicas y no llamar la atención
Me encantó el momento que compartieron shirou y selka.
Ella aún no sabe como seducirlo y nuestro pelirrojo es muy denso como para darse cuenta. Va a ser interesante ver como avanza su relación
Sheele es de los pocos miembros de night raid que aún no conocen los sucesos de los últimos meses. Como reaccionará a todo esto?
La ayuda de ese ex ministro es la clave para el éxito de la misión, pero parece que su vida esta en peligro. Estoy seguro que honest esta detrás de esto
Gran capítulo, nos vemos y cuídate mucho
6/13 c27 17Rialga
Quite a bit of progress there on Selka's front, though not quite fully in the ways she'd been hoping. Still, I'm rooting for her. And I'm interested in seeing if we'll get Sheele's POV so we can better understand what she thinks of Shirou and the new direction Night Raid is going in.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
6/13 c27 Guest
The chapter felt short, but still a great chapter. If this is going as I think then shirou and the rest will have to face off against the three beast to save the minister, and his daughter.
6/13 c27 2Kaiya Azure
I wonder if Shirou will be able to intervene in time.
6/13 c27 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Oooooooooooh. Life Debt AND Political Clout. Loving the angle. Cant wait for everyone's reaction to seeing UBW. It will be a VERY interesting read. My word fix was delightful. Want Moar!
6/13 c27 Guest
This is quite an enjoyable read
6/13 c27 Ivan Tridelan
I have to admit, I'm really annoyed by the apparent density of Shirou. That might be his character in canon, but all of your Shirous are post-HGW, and this one had an EMIYA-style death already, so THEY'VE ALREADY HAD ROMANCE ROUTES. I honestly HATE when authors reincarnate/Zelretch a post-HGW Shirou who's 30 years old and then have him act like FSN Shirou both on and off the battlefield (though you do a MUCH better job with the on-battlefield part). This one even references Rin telling him to learn to rely on people. If he was that close to Rin, he should be able to recognize when a girl likes him. ESPECIALLY Akame, Selka and Elaine, given how much they're around him (Elaine MIGHT be explainable as childhood friend-zoned, but it's still iffy)

Beyond that, chapter felt shorter than usual, probably because you spent too much time emphasizing that even while drunk, Selka is dangerous, especially to people who have always had their guards do all the fighting. We really didn't get anywhere, it felt. Selka beat up the jerks, Shirou heals the girls, Leone interrogates and disposes of the jerks. That could be handled in a few paragraphs, not 2/3 of the chapter. The last third was the only real progress.

Still nice to see this story get an update. I like all of your stories, though I'm not happy with where you took the Overlord crossover since Nazarick should have no chance against an army of Heroic Spirits and you killed off Cu Chalainn in a really dumb manner. I was honestly looking forward to more of Calca and the Custodio sisters making fools of themselves to look good in front of Shirou and the Round Table lol.
6/13 c27 Guest
This is a short chapter plz make it longer next time but good work.
6/13 c27 santiagovillamizarcrv
first thanks for the chapter as always

Now, I said it before and I say it again on the subject of Shirou, Selka and Akane already seems ridiculous to me.

He must be pretending to be an idiot or is he actively ignoring it because I don't have another logical explanation. because you can't tell me that he doesn't notice what selka and Akame feel and much less that he hasn't developed feelings for both. okay, he is described as someone of a naive and passive nature but there limits

what I felt in the selka and Shirou parts of the previous chapter and this. was what it would feel like to see a paraplegic climb the stairs of a skyscraper because the elevator operator does not want to let him in

I just don't believe it, if it was a Shirou who just died when Lancer went through it, I would believe it. but with the Shirou of this story no

I will not tell you what to do or how your story should be, I only express how I feel more nothing

and for everything else it's very fine as always

see you in Vale
6/13 c27 Midnight Haki
I think the former Prime Minister was called Chouri, and he had a daughter named Spear.

I'm honestly having trouble recalling them since they only had a literal minute of screen time before getting killed by the 'Three beasts' with Nyau cutting off the daughter's face.
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