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6/13 c26 Mario Hernandez III
Nora Valkyrie be Proud
6/11 c25 1Av'Rick Mephilis
I just realised something. Since the Revolutionary army is supposed to send a spy to Calla, like how the Empire (or more specifically, Esdeath) sent Nyau, then the most likely person they'll send is Chelsea, because her Teigu is perfect for espionage. It makes perfect sense in context of what direction this story is taking, and I love it.
6/11 c9 XDBOI
Shirou started a religion
6/10 c6 ocomhdhain1
that a bit...extreme
6/7 c26 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapter.
6/6 c11 Av'Rick Mephilis
Ha! Selka looking after Artus and Anna, definitely worth writing in this story. I can only imagine them saying Selka is their new big sister and she flushes at the implication that she's future wife when she babysits the twins.

I definitely want to see that happening when the group returns to Calla from the Capital.

Or better yet, you could make an omake about the twins being babysat by Akame, Selka or both, like the omakes you made from your other stories.
6/2 c26 2TheSlySage
yay alll caught up!

Anxiously awaiting the next chapter! so glad he saved them! they are too adorbz to be left to that filth
6/1 c7 TheSlySage
this is awesssssomee!
6/1 c4 TheSlySage
okay I just tried this fic out...

its fantastic. thanks for writing!
5/29 c18 Capt. Schroller
Your days are now numbered Honest. Hope is coming to the people.
5/27 c17 Capt. Schroller
Mean trick on Akame, but a lesson learned.
5/26 c16 Capt. Schroller
There is no escape from Hrunting.
5/24 c13 Capt. Schroller
5/21 c12 Capt. Schroller
The pieces are now in motion. Akame don't do something stupid and if you do Shirou will save you.
5/21 c11 Capt. Schroller
Oh snap.
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