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for Small Mercies

5/13 c18 pdena23
Holy shit I love this fic, thank you
5/13 c18 DBoblivion
When I first saw this fic I thought it was Ruby exclusively trying to help the guy through his problems with yang bring the one to take a dislike to him and eventually get into a fight with him or something only to end up traumatised by him l.

I've seen this in alot of other fics which makes the entire thing into a hyper angst fest so I dismissed the fic

I come back a year later on a whim and my expectations are shattered, well done, you are amazing
5/6 c18 N2
Interesting story please continue.
4/21 c18 DeMightyLubu
Ah nothing more refreshing than a good kirei fic. Really entertaining watching Kirei be such a devious troll. Can’t wait for what comes next and how he’ll interact with other characters, especially the villains of RWBY.
4/21 c18 2Abstract Ideas
Figured I'd ask something real quick.

How in the fuck is Jaune still alive? V1 establishes that he doesn't even know what aura is when things first start out- as such, he should've been splattered over the entirety of the forest the instance initiation began since Pyrrha- for some odd reason- didn't decide to go for him but went for... Ruby?

Like, I don't get it. Jaune failing to recognize Pyrrha- as anything but the Pumpkin Pete mascot- was the thing that attracted her to him. Having her gravitate towards Ruby out of all people instead makes as much sense as Ren gunning for Weiss as a partner.

It just reads like you don't like Jaune as a character, so you decided to ax him out of the cast in a pretty flimsy way- and like, I personally don't care, this is better then literally half the garbage on this site- but like, it's such a strange change for what it seems like is no reason.
4/20 c18 Arkanataraisa
ngl, as much as i dont want him to have a relationship, it would be interesting to see how kirei and weiss goes
4/8 c18 5LightJakRises
I thought it was a good story. If you wanna do a ship for Kirei, I'd go for Cinder. It's the most screwed up thing that could happen for his first real relationship. It's a chess match between sociopaths. Plus I think Roman would probably want revenge for Neo.
3/31 c18 EMSreader
3/26 c1 Teo Char
“What is better ? to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort ?”
3/25 c4 48reality deviant
this is interesting...not the first crossover that has the twisted kirei be hero in the story of others (and i bet there are even some canon situations where this happened, before his meeting with gilgamesh)
3/22 c18 demedichi
Rejoice, Kirei! You have found something to amuse you for a while.

This has been a really interesting read with the moral dilemma you have put the cast in. Kirei’s nature is so at odds with their personality and morals that’s it’s fascinating to see how they try to comprehend and justify it to themselves, despite the fact they have 0 idea how to actually proceed with the situation outside of keeping the status quo without actually tackling the root issue.

I can’t wait for the next chapter.
3/16 c18 catnaplap
Delightful. Such an interesting character and struggle. I look forward to seeing the world deal with Kirei, and how he deals with himself :)
2/28 c18 MysticSpider
Ah, an easy way for Kirei to stay happy: Watchin IRL romcoms.
2/27 c18 1Trapdere
I don’t believe I laughed this hard in years lol. Th ending of this chapter was absolutely perfect.
2/27 c10 Trapdere
This is the only fate fic that didn’t involve powerwanking that i enjoyed as much as I have. Your Kirie is just so damn entertaining to read about.
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