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1/6 c7 GyroJapster
is this Fic dead?
1/5 c7 1uzumaki.namikaze10
1/5 c6 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/5 c5 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/5 c4 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/5 c3 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/5 c2 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/5 c1 uzumaki.namikaze10
12/18/2020 c7 loliver9920
This fic has truly good writing and kirei kotomine one of my favorite characters from fate so please keep it up good sir!:)
11/23/2020 c7 KamenRiderGhoul
Need moar! So much moar of this story.
11/19/2020 c7 ccl1995
This is good lol, regardless of the world he's in spicy food always remains his favorite. Looking forward for the rest and how his interaction with Ruby and Yang will be
11/7/2020 c7 Zetven
Who would have thought that kirei, the antagonist, would become such an entertaining main character to watch, how you are developing it, his internal fight and interacting with others fascinated me. I also think it is the first story of him as a protagonist that I find.

It would be ironic that if kirei were to carry a firearm, it would end up being a contender like Kiritsugu's, I am also excited to see what his semblance would be.

at first I didn't expect much and I only read the story to kill time and before I knew it I had read the 7 chapters, I really loved this story, I hope it will be updated again soon
11/7/2020 c7 avtoros
incredible this story is very entertaining, especially because it uses kirei as the main character, they usually use shirou or archer, but you decided to use someone who could turn into a monster at any time. honestly a cool breeze that was needed.

This is undoubtedly one of the favorite fate x rwby crossovers, I need an update but a question what is the age of the characters? Kirei would be about 14, yang 12-13 and ruby 9-10 or how would it be?
10/31/2020 c7 kodokpi
pre awakening kirei is great
10/22/2020 c7 VolcanicFlare
Who woulda thought, Kotomine Kirei, an engaging protagonist! Can’t wait to see this story update cause Man has reading this been fun
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