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for Been There, Blown That Up

3/17/2020 c3 Suzululu4moe
Through the eyes of a mook.

Asking for his sister..., hopefully tchalla doesn’t think he meant prostitution.

Good thing tony is famous or being a party drunk and a eccentric clown To explain the mysterious call to Strange .
3/17/2020 c2 Suzululu4moe
Hmm Odin or thanos... which is the worst parent .
3/17/2020 c1 Suzululu4moe
Lol his priorities being facial hair . Nice too bad Clint or nanradha didn’t say anything about agent carter being in an retirement home when asked about Steve’s beard .

Good thing tony didn’t say Shield is Hydra to Steve .
3/15/2020 c20 10Knightowl 4183
Binged this story in one sitting...and Wow, just WOW!

This story is...amazing. Tried for the cliffhanger there, but seriously I have loved every chapter I have read. Bravo on making something this amazing!
3/13/2020 c20 21Yuki Suou
I'll miss this story when it's over.
3/6/2020 c20 20Phoenixhp5
Awesome! I love chaotic whirlwind Tony.
3/5/2020 c20 12Harbinger Of Kaos
Well their in the shit now.

I mean I would like to think that having the combined might of Wakanda, Asgard, SHIELD and Kamar Taj to back them up they stand a better chance but this is still Thanos we are talking about and more so he is coming to make them bleed
3/5/2020 c20 Guest
It's time for Ragnarok! It would be funny that while everyone's preparing Thor showing up with odin, who would subsequently die and release Hela. Who would then proceed to nearly ruin everything and cause the events to go down even worse. But hey at least the Avengers would be involved this time.
3/5/2020 c20 Druto
What a great surprise Gwen !
Loved Strange apperance.
How have you been ? How is everything ? Is it cold ?
3/5/2020 c20 2D72
... Nyancat or Cat Party from frisky dingo?
3/4/2020 c19 8Undead Fangirlsama
I really hope we see more Goose. Considering I have an orange tabby named Loki, the sheer amount of ideas of an OC with a flerken have been skyrocketed by your marvelous (pun intended) story. Can't wait to see more. LOVE THIS SOOOOOOO MUCH!
2/29/2020 c15 MagentaMusings
I am Happy for #62 (and am Somehow reading Nebula and Tony's snarking at one another as flirting. curse my rampant shipper's heart)
2/16/2020 c19 7Whovianeverlark17
great chapter!
2/12/2020 c19 AllmeDrivs
2/10/2020 c19 PikaMew1288
what happened to Malekith? Or is he still out there?
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