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for Been There, Blown That Up

6/29 c1 Zero
Oh boy.
Tony is having a panic attack way before Iron man 3.
6/5 c11 lulu2613
I love Jarvis so much!
6/4 c3 lulu2613
This is the best story evvvvverrrr!
5/3 c15 ImmortalsDoItForever
I like #62. Thank you for this chapter.
1/17 c22 3Fyr RedNight
This was a very entertaining and wholesome story.

I very much liked how you wrote the characters.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
10/30/2022 c15 4OminousAnonymousAnomaly
I think my favorite character now is Random Goon #62. Poor ladyI’ve reread this a couple times, and it’s still just as good as the first time! Thanks for writing this!
7/16/2022 c22 9JesterDGrowlithe
Great story, too bad you wrote it before we learned why Thanos was doing what he was doing.
Wonder what that would've changed.

(It was to prevent the birth of Celestials, which happens when the planet reaches the maximum population limit.)
5/10/2022 c18 3Runyon
Epic goose!
4/8/2022 c22 Epicboss67
Cool story thanks for writing it!
2/6/2022 c22 19maembe13
I like your philosophy of time travel so much better than what we got in End game. I have loved your pairings of characters in each and the way their future life experiences colors their past selves decisions and relationships

This one takes the cake for the most unusual pairing. I loved how well they screwed it up and then fixed it. The interplay between Nebula and Tony was fantastic. I love that they were genuine friends. Nebula's misunderstanding with Gamora was hilarious. Then, oh, the tower and its mishmash of characters was pure delight.

Can you write an entire series just on science camp? that was pretty much the best ever. I laughed so hard when Loki and Nebula guest taught. Then, Tony being Tony and forgetting to communicate with anyone else was awesome.

Thanks for such a grand, fun adventure!
12/7/2021 c3 chimmichangaa
i love#62
11/26/2021 c22 7TheNameOfARiver
Another wonderful piece from you! I am now feeling bad for not finding these gems before. I hope you'll write more Avengers stuff. May be some what if fanfictions... Best of luck.
8/24/2021 c3 Cain Dubois
Good job making tony talk to strange before he got his powers way to make him look retarded
7/20/2021 c22 1SixFtWookie
That was a fantastic story. A very satisfying epilogue too, those are rare and I'm sure not easy to write.
7/20/2021 c9 SixFtWookie
This chapter is a glorious celebration of the absurd. This whole fic is. I love how we're mostly just getting the reaction to crazy man Stark. He's too rich and eccentric already to be completely ignored or thrown in the nut house, especially because he keeps being right. I'm loving it.
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