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11/18/2018 c5 Shin XIX
Don't forget Nick Fury! Imagine his surprise when the Avengers have attacked Hydra, saved the winter soldier who is the best friend of the Captain America and finally purged Hydra without destroying the SHIELD.

Once he has said that they can become more.
Yeah, more he hope. xD
11/8/2018 c5 roy23
Oh, my. It's quite good... Nah, it's GREAT!
It's the first time I find an Avenger time travel story like this. Great job!
I hope you can post the next chapter ASAP.
11/6/2018 c5 myafroatemydog
This chapter was funny as heck. Well written
11/6/2018 c4 myafroatemydog
Pretty great chapter
11/6/2018 c3 myafroatemydog
Another fantastic chapter.
11/6/2018 c2 myafroatemydog
Another fantastic chapter
11/6/2018 c1 myafroatemydog
Interesting first chapter
11/5/2018 c5 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0
11/5/2018 c5 Aroe007
Great chapter! Can't wait until the next one
11/5/2018 c5 Bookmeister999
This entire chapter is amazing! I love it! :)
I was particularly amused by the princess's interactions with JARVIS, and T'Challa's reactions to the Avengers.
11/5/2018 c5 35Rasi10
Now that was interesting and funny. Way to go dude!
11/5/2018 c5 Denna154
Shuri is the best princess ever xD
And Badassium - hahaha :D
Thanks for the chapter.
11/5/2018 c5 3sevenvik
Why did the update size reduce?TT
Now that I got that out of my system. Thank you for this great chapter. Also didn't Badassium get approved in canon?
11/5/2018 c5 Tomgirlbre
GAHH T'Challa is so done ! I'm so excited! Everyone's finally all together aaaaaaaauuugh
10/6/2018 c4 kiyhtgrds
Loveee this story!
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