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for Mistaken

8/22 c9 Hotdog2000
Such a great story thank you
7/2 c2 Guest
Hated the change to pov
5/20 c1 IzayaUchiha
you ruined the story for me when sasuke cheated on naruto and got karin pregnant
5/12 c29 13James Meclould
Loved it, haven't read something so outstanding in a long time. Would love to see a one shot story taking place 10 years later
12/30/2020 c3 LxvableWeeb
2:00 a.m and Im still reading fanfics,
11/12/2020 c8 ThunderousNaruto5
This story is really awesome.
10/24/2020 c2 Aloha1928
Love that lol
“Satan’s monthly sacrificial blood waterfall”
Is for now and forever what I’m going to call my period.
10/8/2020 c29 runerea
First of all, I really like your story! I think you did a great job in incorporating your twists while also stay true to the original plot. One thing that I really like are the characters and I personally you put up a great twist in Sakura's character. The ending is a bit disappointing because I was expecting them together but it made sense in realistic point of view. However, it does have pacing issues over time and I personally find the battle scenes a bit boring at some point. But nonetheless, it is a great story and I enjoyed it! Keep up the great work.
9/11/2020 c13 wilcolbourn
I can’t stop reading it’s 3am please help
8/14/2020 c6 2Yuzuki476
Please update.
8/14/2020 c5 Yuzuki476
Awesome naru-chan and sasuke are dating and being boyfriend and girl friend.
8/14/2020 c4 Yuzuki476
Amazing naru-chan meets kurama (kyubi) and sasuke really is a pervert.
8/14/2020 c3 Yuzuki476
Oh my naughty pervy sasuke stealing a another kiss from naru-chan.
8/13/2020 c2 Yuzuki476
Am glad that team 7 pass their kakashi test and became ninja and I wonder if kakashi would seriously train his team? And am glad naru-chan has a best friend hinata and oh my pervy sasuke Uchiha knows about naru-chan being a woman.
8/13/2020 c1 Yuzuki476
I really want to destroy konoha for not honoring the 4th hokage wish and taking it out on naru-chan.
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