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for Naruto uzumaki : The greatest prodigy

5/23 c22 lost
Pls i need more
5/20 c17 Brother V
Goofy Minato wasn't the greatest seal master
5/20 c13 Brother V
You idiot Hayate and Yugao aren't 3 years older then Naruto they 14 years older than Naruto they the same age as Kakashi and them
Flippen dummy
5/12 c1 MASK3D-B4TT4LION
Not yugaoshit !
4/19 c22 Michael
I hope everything is alright, give us an update on what's been going on with your life man, so we know you're at least alive
4/13 c22 1DodgyReptile
Unless you are in some kind of reverse hyperbolic time chamber, then our perception of how long a couple of days are different, 48-168 hours is a couple of days, not 7488 hours. But other than that, how have you been? Hope life is not as hectic as it was.
3/29 c2 LennyFaceSupplier
hol up isn't yugao izuki family of naruto? does this classify as incest or is it similar to how everybody in the uchiha clan are related but they arent brother and sister, just from a pure bloodline and related to everyone through cousin aunt and uncle?
3/27 c18 mindanila471
No forgiveness author
3/20 c22 Guest
I love how he says see you in a few days but it's been 1 month since then lmaoooo
3/12 c22 P
It’s been a year mate…
3/14 c22 michaelkurniawan.mk06
whennn is the next chapter
3/11 c22 Guest
Why aren't you uploading new chapter
3/11 c21 Aedwards179
I'm amazed his anbu mind didn't go straight to assassinate Gato and Zabuza before they got a chance to attack.
3/11 c12 Aedwards179
I've always wanted to see a good fanfic about an Uchiha who uses genjutsu like Itachi. it seems 99% of the Uchiha fanfics only rely on the mangekyou instead of just using genjutsu with the regular one.
3/11 c1 Aedwards179
damn. I thought he was gonna be older than the normal characters not all of them older than cannon.
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