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for Naruto uzumaki : The greatest prodigy

5/1 c1 CoffeeHandShaky
This is becoming boring. Naruto's fighting style is boring, just standing there and cast a genjutsu then done. Either the author doesn't know how to write an action scene or it's just Naruto's fighting style that is so boring.
5/1 c21 crazy.bout.mione
I really hope you would continue this!
4/26 c21 Baahubali321
Luv this so much, plz keep going!
4/22 c21 Adrien Courmont
Loved the chapter but I would love to see more chapters if possible. I know writing fanfics is hard work and requires determination but I have loved reading your fanfic and was quite sad to see it come to an end rather prematurely. In the end it’s your fanfiction so you choose what you do with it but, like I said, I would love to see more chapters.
4/23 c21 Slenjeff
I really liked this fanfic, you should continue
4/20 c21 Guest
Please continue the fanfic it’s extremely interesting
4/16 c3 Jeppie-078
You should change the description of the story. You say he is the greatest prodigy and that he has been trained since birth, yet he isn't trained since birth and he is held back all the time by the third hokage, who keeps saying Naruto is smart yet doesn't help him use his intellect and keeps holding him back in the form of stunting his growth by not letting him train properly. Naruto has shown many times that at the age of 6 he shows great maturity, yet Hiruzen still doesn't want to tell Naruto anything despite Naruto asking for answers multiple times. I was really exited for this story just for it to be such a disappointment.
4/12 c21 Ladino
Please continue this story. It has made its way into my heart. It is an amazing fan fiction even if it is only a fan fiction. By far the best I've ever read at least.
4/1 c21 Guest
Ay what happen with the book
3/23 c1 ivan999
ojala algún día concluyas a historia...
3/19 c21 yaboyameterasu
more more more
3/17 c21 Guest
Are u planning on dropping the next chapter or u jusy gonna leave it here?
3/17 c21 Ace1190
Definetly waiting for more!
3/8 c4 jamarionlittle11305
Yugito x naruto gang
3/4 c21 sonujagtap849
I have reviewed this a couple of hours ago when I finished reading the story twice and was reading it third time from different account since it only allows to review once so i am reviewing from this account
But after reading it for third time line by line I don't think that I can give you any suggestions about how to write a naruto fanfic because I am just happy and shocked both at this
Because the every minute detail that you have written in the chapters that gives the feel of watching a real anime just literally gives me goosebumps about the possible things that you have written which would have been happened in real anime if they wanted.
The story that we all naruto fans watched was of the character naruto who developed after 10th october in such circumstances which had a probability of 1/10

But the story that you have written is the story of character naruto that would have developed after such circumstances with probability of 9/10
And which is even more effective than canon for showing and changing the viewpoint of fans and connecting with the story morally
I am just waiting to read the next part eagerly
I don't want a 100 chapter story if you don't want to
But please post the next chapter because I noticed that you haven't posted it for about 3 whole months since last time and I am just felling a bit uneasy due to thoughts like you have stopped writing this story but please don't stop writing such amazing stories
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